Tropical Ice
A kick-ass mix of super-fast Haze and sticky Widow, Tropical Ice Feminized shines with power! Tropical Ice Feminized is a very resinous strain that finishes early and smells like fresh pine.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    Uplifting and clear, Tropical Ice Feminized is the perfect cross of ultra-fast Haze and extra-sticky White Widow! This resiny cannabis seed has a fresh pine fragrance and a sweet, tropical flavour.

    Tropical Ice Feminized Seeds will be ready so fast they’ll make your head spin! Once the dizziness subsides, the fun really begins. We guarantee you’ll love this mix of two marijuana seed legends.

    • Haze X White Widow – Sweet!
    • Uplifting Highs & Fast Finishes
    • Fresh Pine Fragrance & Tropical Flavour
    • An X-Line Selection – Premium Cannabis Seeds!

    Female Seeds has a message for their valued X-Line customers. Tropical Ice Feminized may sound like it should be part of the ICE line, but it’s not. In this case, Ice refers to the “icy” nuggs on this baby!

    When you buy Tropical Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds from the Rhino, you’ll get 100% authentic marijuana seeds at the lowest price and with the fastest shipping. However, these beans won’t look like this when they arrive. They’re intended to be used exclusively as a dormant collectible.

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    Based in the Netherlands, Female Seeds makes collecting world-class feminized seeds easy and affordable! To achieve this goal, Female Seeds focuses much of their energy on reliability testing. Every new batch of seeds is put through a stringent quality control process to ensure they have a 95% or higher germination rate. Batches that don't meet this minimum standard are instantly destroyed. Feminized seeds that make the grade are kept in environmentally controlled vaults before they are packaged in protective containers with batch numbers and creation dates for shipping. How awesome is that?