CBD Python
Aches, pains & stress don't stand a chance when CBD Python strikes! This medical-grade feminized seed has that elusive 1:1 CBD to THC ratio the experts recommend for maximum relief. For bone-deep physical effects that can only be described as peaceful & dreamy, CBD Python Seeds combine 80% Indica genetics, 6% CBD and 6% THC. It's a little bit different, but you'll love it!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • High CBD - Medical
  • 6% CBD to 6% THC
  • Indica Dominant
  • Fruity - Hint of Garlic
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Mild Recreation, Wake & Bake or Potent Meds - It's All Good!

Completely laid-back & mellow, CBD Python Feminized Seeds combine top-shelf, Indica-dominant genetics with the best CBD-enriched breeding stock the legendary Feminised Seeds brand could find, and that's saying something! These marijuana seeds won't lock you to the couch & they won't get you wasted, but they do offer maximum relief with absolutely no anxiety or paranoia. Can you say chill?

  • CBD Python Finish Time - 8 to 9 Weeks
  • Yields Average 400 gr/m2 in Great Environments
  • Great White Shark Genetics - Intense!

Don't too impatient to wait for the Feminised Seeds CBD Python strain's final swell! These ladies can be ready as early as 8 weeks after the bloom, but letting them go just a little longer is highly recommended. The weight increases, the resin thickens and the extra maturity adds another layer of muscle to the already potent medicinal power. Trust us on this one - you'll be glad you did!

The Rhino's quickly turning into the beasty with the most extensive line of medical seeds on the planet. If you're looking for the best prices and the best selection of high-CBD strains, you've just landed on the right site! Get yours today - you will not be disappointed!

Order CBD Python Seeds from Rhino Seeds Today!

NB: Don't do anything stupid with your order - like attempt a CBD Python grow log. That's illegal and against the Rhino's terms of service. All cannabis seeds are sold as collectible souvenirs to be cherished, kept perfectly dry & preserved for a more legal future.

Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Thc Level
Low : < 8%
Yield Notes
400 gr/m2
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
Cannabis Genetics
Great White Shark X CBD
Medical Notes
High CBD

CBD Python is an impressive medical seed created by crossing a Great White Shark strain with an outstanding CBD-dominant hybrid. The results are stellar with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio or better, meaning that some phenotypes can push the CBD well above 6% while keeping the THC to below 6%. As an all-natural product, collectors should expect some small variations.

Short & sturdy, CBD Python Seeds rarely need any support to hold their beefy 400 gr/m2 yields. Finish times can be as short as 8 weeks, but the breeder recommends letting these therapeutic beauties go just a little longer for an extra swell. Aromas are very fruity and sweet with just a touch of savory fragrances that hint of onion & garlic.

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • High CBD - Medical
  • 6% CBD to 6% THC
  • Indica Dominant
  • Fruity - Hint of Garlic

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CBD Python is a CBD-rich marijuana seed created by the Feminised Seeds brand. Based in Spain, the Feminised Seeds Company is highly respected for creating an outstanding line of 100% feminized seeds & fully automatic hybrids. All genetics are top shelf & fully tested. You can't go wrong with genuine Feminised Seeds!