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Dame Blanche thumbnail

Dame Blanche

Dame Blanche is an Indica-dominant strain with a diverse Sativa background. This shining Lady is the latest refinement of the 'White' lines of cannabis - a chunky, all-female strain that's perfect
Damn Sour thumbnail

Damn Sour

Delightfully tart, Damn Sour is a potent Sour Sage phenotype with deep medicinal stones and high yields. Damn Sour measures in at 17.1% THC, 0.96% CBD and 700 to 800 grams. This one’s a keeper!
Dance World thumbnail

Dance World

Get Up & Moving Again with Dance World!

Go from Driving Miss Daisy to Saturday Night Fever with these bad girls! Dance World is a calm but energizing medicinal seed crafted by a world-class breeder. Enjoy!

  • Ispiring, Motivational, Uplifting, Medicinal
  • 7-8 Week Finish, 50-80 gr/seed - 60 to 90 cm
Dark Delight thumbnail

Dark Delight

Dark Devil Auto thumbnail

Dark Devil Auto

Dark Devil Auto Tops the Charts at 600 gr/m2!

Next time someone tells you automatics don't yield worth crap, tell them to go to hell! Dark Devil Auto rules with up to 600 gr/m2 or 200 gr/seed in a mere 8.5 Weeks!

  • Big Devil XL X Purple Pakistani Kush Auto
  • Lush Purple Colours, Sweet Flavour, Fruity Aroma
Dark Widow thumbnail

Dark Widow

Dedoverde Haze thumbnail

Dedoverde Haze

A Fast 80% Sativa with 24% THC

Infused with the essences of fruit and oil, Dedoverde Haze is a delicious blend of California Haze & Amnesia with enduring highs that'll leave you feeling happy & energized.

  • Very Simple - Great for First Timers
  • Finishes After 70 Days of Bloom
Deimos Feminized thumbnail

Deimos Feminized

Buddha Seeds, one of Spain’s top breeders, has developed the Deimos Autoflowering strain over the course of seven generations to guarantee consistent, reliable results. With each new batch, the breede
Delahaze thumbnail


The beautiful aroma of Delahaze contains hints of citrus & mango and is said to be something that EVERY grower should experience.
Delahaze thumbnail


Delahaze is an extremely powerful, high yielding Sativa with an unbelievable 9-week finish. The clear, euphoric highs aren’t the only thing that makes Delahaze a favourite cannabis seed – the pleasant
Delhi Cheese Auto thumbnail

Delhi Cheese Auto

Happy Automatic Seeds from the Hindu Kush!

With these fully autoflowering seeds, you get full-blown Cheese flavour & aroma without any hassle. They're fast & easy but way to smelly for stealth!

  • Low THC Paired with High CBD
  • Short & Sweet - Perfect for Smaller Spaces
Delhi Friend thumbnail

Delhi Friend

Near-Pure Indica with 20% THC

Delhi Friend is a real beast with massive yields, extra-thick resin & a true couchlocking stone. Ready to meet your new best bud? Order now!

  • Thick, Hashy Smell & Endless Crystals
  • 95% Indica, 800 gr/m2 Yields, 6 to 8 Weeks
Delicious Seeds La Diva thumbnail

Delicious Seeds La Diva

The Diavolo gains blue trends and blends and maintains its ultra rapid growth cycle. With a new aroma and color, La Diva is assured to surprise and satisfy any grower. Its crop will surprise any beg
Delicious Seeds La Musa thumbnail

Delicious Seeds La Musa

Filled with awe-inspiring power, La Musa Automatic is a potent blend of two autoflowering powerhouses with a very unusual flavour. La Musa Automatic mixes bitter chocolate with licorice for a new tast
Delirium Feminized thumbnail

Delirium Feminized

Female: Mazar i Sarif. Stabilized male hybrid: Black Domina + Jack Herer
Desert Diesel thumbnail

Desert Diesel

A Mental Oasis with 20% THC!

Down in the dumps? Give Desert Diesel a try! This is an uplifting Sativa with plenty of oomph that's guaranteed to plaster a happy grin on your mug for the rest of the day. Enjoy!

  • A Double Diesel Hybrid
  • 60 to 65 Day Finishes Inside
Destroyer Female thumbnail

Destroyer Female

This is a STATE OF THE ART Cannabis Sativa strain with an exotic dominance of Thai. The small, but numerous flowers are so covered in trichomes that with 2 square mm, there have been 92 bulbous stalk
Devil Fruit thumbnail

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit is not nearly as evil as she sounds! This wicked cannabis seed is deeply relaxing and very soothing! Devil Fruit Feminized is an Indica-dominant hybrid with high yields and a 20% THC level
Dhaze thumbnail



Diamond Girl thumbnail

Diamond Girl

You may know this is you have visited greenhouses coffeeshop - its listed on there smoke menu as Silver Pearl. Now you can have it as part of your own collection. This indica is great to just chill

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