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Critical Automatic thumbnail

Critical Automatic

Ready for some tasty, relaxing smoke but don’t have the time to spare? Go with Critical Automatic! A magnificent mix of Lowryder & Original Critical, Critical Automatic is extremely stable, pleasantly
Critical Express thumbnail

Critical Express

Critical Express may be the absolute best autoflowering cannabis seed ever bred! Created using Critical Mass, Positronic’s top champion, and Lowryder 2, the gold-standard for Ruderalis, Critical Expre
Critical Jack Automatic thumbnail

Critical Jack Automatic

Critical Jack Automatic is an even easier version of Critical +! With the addition of Jack Herer for higher yields and DinaFem Auto for autoflowering capabilities, this express version has it all. Tak
Critical Jack Feminized thumbnail

Critical Jack Feminized

Critical + fans, check this out! Critical Jack Feminized pumps out even more of this tasty blaze with 1450-gram yields in just 60 days. With a strong but balanced effect, Critical Jack Feminized is fr
Critical Jack Herer Feminized thumbnail

Critical Jack Herer Feminized

From Delicious Seeds, Critical Jack Herer is another super Sativa with a Haze flavor similar to the genial Jack Herer but with an elevated production thanks to the critical + genetic input that also s
Critical Kali Mist thumbnail

Critical Kali Mist

In short, this plant will remind you of the Kali mist metallic and incense attributes with the yield of the Critical that grows well indoors thanks to the Shantibaba. Indoors, this strain finishes ar
Critical Kush thumbnail

Critical Kush

25% THC in 8 weeks says it all! But, we’ll tell you the rest anyway! Critical Kush Feminized is a tasty mix of Critical Mass & OG Kush with a knock-out stone and phenomenal yields!
Critical Kush thumbnail

Critical Kush

7 Weeks is All She Takes!

It's hard to believe that any cannabis seed can pump out up to 550 gr/m2 of dank, rocky buds in that amount of time & still achieve 20% THC, but this Indica can!

  • Relaxes the Mind & the Body!
  • A Truly Enjoyable Flavour
Critical Kush Auto thumbnail

Critical Kush Auto

Full Kush Power in <80 Days from Seed!

Stacked from top to bottom in big, sticky buds, Critical Kush Auto is a real powerhouse, delivering up to 440 gr/m2 in just 80 days or less from seed - THC is 15%.

  • AKA Critical Rapido Auto
  • Tastes Like Earth, Pine & Kush
Critical Mass Automatic thumbnail

Critical Mass Automatic

The Big Buddha knows that some customers want it bigger, faster, and harder-hitting than the rest. If you fit this profile, they’ve got your number! The Big Buddha Critical Mass Automatic is a strong
Critical Neville Haze thumbnail

Critical Neville Haze

Delicious Seeds should be proud of this cross because, not only does it produce heavily, it also has a 23.5% THC content and to find these two qualities combined is rare. With Critical Neville Haze,
Critical Plus thumbnail

Critical Plus

Selected by a great grower from Bilbao to whom we owe this little marvel, for a wide variety of good reasons, this plant won the 1st High Life Cup in Barcelona. The most interesting feature of thi
Critical Plus Automatic thumbnail

Critical Plus Automatic

Critical + Automatic is an enhanced version of an old favourite! Now, Critical + Automatic delivers the sweetest top-shelf weed like clockwork!
Critical Rapido Auto thumbnail

Critical Rapido Auto

Critical Seeds thumbnail

Critical Seeds

Critical from Advanced Seeds is a large and branched out plant with massive flower production. Its genetics are a cross between Critical Mass, Brazillian, and South Indian selections. Fortunately, t
Critical Sensi Star thumbnail

Critical Sensi Star

Critical Sensi Star from Delicious Seeds is an Indica dominant hybrid that shows extreme power. Being 90% Indica, she produces heavily and the aroma mirrors that of an intense and pleasant musk of a
Critical Super Silver Haze thumbnail

Critical Super Silver Haze

Critical Super Silver Haze incorporates all the original SSH qualities but now with a shortened flowering cycle, slightly bigger yields, and a small musk hint thanks to the Critical +. The Sativa eff
Critical Widow thumbnail

Critical Widow

Critical Yumbolt thumbnail

Critical Yumbolt

Critical#47 thumbnail


A perfect cross between two of the sweetier strain available on the world. Strong mango and peach aroma and taste, with a vanille touch. Powerul and tipically Indica high, relaxing and cerebral, incre

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