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Double BubbleBerry thumbnail

Double BubbleBerry

Double BubbleBerry is a Sagarmatha original with twice the flavour and a euphoric, bubbly high! In fact, if Double BubbleBerry doesn’t bring a smile to your face, you’re completely hopeless! This is t
Double Cheese thumbnail

Double Cheese

Designed for True Cheese Addicts!

If it's Cheese or nothing, then Double Cheese was made just for you! This Blue Cheese X Cheese Reversed mix is new for 2016 & promises to be nothing short of brilliant.

  • Ready After 8 to 10 Weeks of Finish!
  • Hashy with Hints of Berry - Skunky Smell
Double Cream thumbnail

Double Cream

A Must-Have For White Widow Lovers

Double Cream is a White Widow X White Widow backcross for a triple-helping of resin & enough power to rock your world & knock your boots. You'll love it!

  • 19% THC - Up to 800 gr/m2!
  • Enhanced Smell - Strong Fruit & Pine
Double Diesel Ryder thumbnail

Double Diesel Ryder

Double Diesel Ryder is an improved NYC Diesel that’s faster, denser, tastier and even smellier than the original! Get your jars & filtration system ready for this baby. Double Diesel Ryder is too stro
Double Dutch thumbnail

Double Dutch

Double Jack thumbnail

Double Jack

Double White thumbnail

Double White

Double X Female thumbnail

Double X Female

Dr Feelgood Feminized thumbnail

Dr Feelgood Feminized

Ready to go from achy mess to highly relaxed coolness? Dr Feelgood Feminized is the potent Indica dwarf that can make it happen! Short, fast & automatic, Dr Feelgood Feminized pumps out up to 50 grams
Dr Greenthumb's Em-Dog thumbnail

Dr Greenthumb's Em-Dog

Humboldt Seed Organization is very proud to present this collaboration with Dr Greenthumb - B Real of Cypress Hill! B Real´s friend and in house Cypress Hill breeder Keif Sweat has created this cross.
Dr Jeckyll thumbnail

Dr Jeckyll

What this trans-oceanic Cannabis strain basically is,‭ ‬is a Sativa that shows Indica characteristics in its phenotype.‭ ‬By mixing this variety with their‭ ‬‘K
Dr Underground's Killer Mix thumbnail

Dr Underground's Killer Mix

It takes a hard-core stoner to survive Dr Underground’s Killer Mix! This collection includes 4 savage strains filled with brain-melting power & off-the-hook effects. This sh*t’s strong enough to wipe
Dr. Grinspoon thumbnail

Dr. Grinspoon

Named in honor of our hero, the brilliant cannabis advocate, researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon, this is a pure heirloom Sativa. The plant grows thin and tall, and requires a longer flower
Dreamcatcher thumbnail


Indica-Dominant Daytime Strain - 15% THC!

This gorgeous girl from 710 Genetics will end your stress without putting you to sleep. Her sublime yet seductive effects will ensure you are soothed yet stimulated by her bountiful buds. Sour and lemony flavours ooze from this weed seed's blooms, turning anybody who meets her into a besotted fan for life!

  • 15% THC On Average
  • Medium Yields - Top Quality
Durban Poison Feminized thumbnail

Durban Poison Feminized

Imported from South Africa, Durban Poison was produced in Holland and was exclusively inbred, never hybridized. Durban Poison is guaranteed 100% Sativa.
Dutch Automatic Female thumbnail

Dutch Automatic Female

Dutch Automatic Female is ready in 11 weeks from seeds. The THC levels is medium to low and the buzz is a bodystoned. Yield is good for an Automatic. Our road test's proved Dutch Automatic Female to b
Dutch Blue Automatic Female thumbnail

Dutch Blue Automatic Female

This little wonder is ready in 10 to 11 weeks from seed, she produces one main stem with few side branches, she is deemed an ideal candidate for SOG for this reason. In ideal circumstances her leaves
Dutch Cheese Feminized thumbnail

Dutch Cheese Feminized


With IMPROVED potency and SIGNIFICANT yield improvements, Dutch passion's Dutch Cheese produces a cornucopia of sticky side buds aside from the main colas. This is something you should not overlook.

Dutch Delight thumbnail

Dutch Delight

Big Bud, Skunk [P] and Afghani come together in Dutch Delight - a solid and powerful cannabis strain that has been refined to almost pure Indica. The Netherlands is a very compact country, yet thro
Dutch Dragon Feminised thumbnail

Dutch Dragon Feminised

Bred by Paradise Seeds in 1994, and improved in 2002, Dutch Dragon is a huge Sativa variety that produces superb yields from long sticky colas. The aroma is very citrusy and sweet, like tangerines, as

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