Fruit Punch Auto
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

It’s finally here! After many requests Heavyweight Seeds have produced an autoflowering version of the legendary Fruit Punch. Being sativa dominant, Auto Fruit Punch gets quite tall for an auto and takes a little longer from seed to finish than indica dominant autos (around 70-80 days) but it’s well worth waiting those few extra days.

The result is a phenomenal cannabis seed that yields fat, resinous buds and one of the smoothest, sweetest smokes known to mankind! Maintenance couldn’t be easier, as Auto Fruit Punch finishes automatically; it doesn’t require any change in light cycles indoors and performs to a high level outdoors.

Heavyweight Fruit Punch Auto is quick, consistent and abundant, making it a great choice for beginners or more seasoned players who want a reliable and trouble-free yield time after time.

The high is cerebral and creative, perfect for socialising (gather round the punch bowl!) and also great for pain relief minus the debilitating couch lock common to indicas. The flavour is a haze lovers delight, with crisp notes of lemon, lime and a hint of sugar mango; the aroma is pure citrus bliss! Auto Fruit Punch was most definitely worth the wait and will make a fantastic addition to any indoor or outdoor collection.

Flowering Time
Thc Level
High : 15% +
Height Notes
90 to 120 cm
Sativa/Indica Notes
80% Sativa; 20% Indica
Sativa >50% Cannabis Seeds
THC Notes
21% THC
Flowering Time Notes
70 to 80 Days from Seed
Cannabis Genetics
Skunk X Haze X Ruderalis
Short - Average
Outdoor Yield
150 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
600 to 800 gr/m2
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In 2008, the founders of Heavyweight Seeds were blown away when they saw the mother's a local supplier was working with. They managed to talk this dude out of a few cuts that they smuggle back to Spain where they created their own fabulous gene pool and started selling their own 100% feminized & fully autoflowering cannabis seeds. What makes Heavyweight Seeds different? If a strain isn't able to flourish in the harshest conditions, doesn't return at least 10% when extracted or yield like a boss, it's out of there! This breeder never accepts good enough, and neither should you. Order your genuine Heavyweight Seeds now.