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Extreme Impact Auto thumbnail

Extreme Impact Auto

Live life to the extreme and brace yourself for impact, this indica dominant plant is a heavy hitter that delivers a knockout punch! Extreme Impact works well in all mediums and is really simple; yields are consistently large, producing a wealth of fat sticky buds with ease for even the novice. The…
Extreme Indica thumbnail

Extreme Indica

FG13 Feminized thumbnail

FG13 Feminized

Far Out thumbnail

Far Out

Super groovy & highly psychedelic, Far Out is a Sativa lover’s dream! These intense cannabis seeds deliver massive yields of gigantic foxtails that smell like fruit and sweet thyme. Far Out is extreme
Faraona thumbnail


Crafted from artisan strains donated by Andalusian farmers, Faraona is a fitting tribute to sun-kissed Southern Spain. Filled to the brim with raw power, Faraona reaches a full 20% THC with 400 gram y
Fast Bud thumbnail

Fast Bud

Fast Bud Auto doesn’t waste any time! As one of the fastest autoflowering cannabis seeds on the market, this super strain pumps out fat, sticky buds in weeks instead of months. For strong highs and sw
Fast Bud # 2 Auto thumbnail

Fast Bud # 2 Auto

Extremely fast flowering - ready in 5 weeks!! Fast Bud produces big buds which are rich and full of aroma, the yield and flavor is an improvement over the original. The taste is sweet and succulent with the after taste of Diesel.
Fast Bud Outdoor Female thumbnail

Fast Bud Outdoor Female

A fast flowering outdoor cannabis strain with a top flower to leaf ratio. Produces some of the largest buds from all outdoor cannabis strains. The structure is tall and branchy supporting massive yiel
Fast and Vast thumbnail

Fast and Vast Auto

If you’re looking for maximum yields and maximum potency in an autoflowering strain then look no further than Heavyweight Fast & Vast. Fast was the first hurdle for Heavyweight Seeds, taking a sturdy white dwarf and crossing it with an auto skunk that would reach its full potential in 7 ca…
Fastberry Auto thumbnail

Fastberry Auto

Genuine DJ Short Blueberry Genetics

With sweet berry flavour & a devastating body buzz that just won't quit, Fastberry Auto gets major props from the entire Rhino team. This one is the total package!

  • 9-Weeks from the Start
  • Perfect for Colder Climates
Fayaka thumbnail


Fayaka is a combination of a New York City Diesel ‘06 and a Nepali. The target of this hybridization was to incorporate good sativa genes into the NYCD.
Female Mix thumbnail

Female Mix

Female Mix thumbnail

Female Mix

Cultivating an all-female garden of powerful Indicas and Sativas is made easy with this mix of Cannabis seeds from White Label’s collection of feminized strains.
White Widow x Big Bud thumbnail

Female Seeds WW BB

With White Widow X Big Bud, the name really does say it all! This potent hybrid gives you powerful, sticky blaze and plenty of it. For outrageous yields and knock-out stones, it just doesn’t get bette
White Widow thumbnail

Female White Widow

Feminised Cheese thumbnail

Feminised Cheese

The long awaited Cheese Seeds will beat any expectation you may have of this wonderful little plant. 1st prize Indica Cup HTCC 2006. Skunk-Kush cross, straight from the UK I
Feminised Mix thumbnail

Feminised Mix

Feminised Mix Anyone who finds it hard to choose between The Flying Dutchmen's many superb feminised strains can find the solution to their dilemma in TFD Feminised Mix. This selection contains 5 se
Feminized Mix thumbnail

Feminized Mix

The Mix offers a great selection of Ceres Seeds’ best-feminized seeds all in one pack! Note well that because this is a mix, not all seeds will finish flowering at the same time. Also be aware that these are all Cannabis Cup winners!
Flamenco Mix 6 thumbnail

Flamenco Mix 6

Explore the exiting world of Kannabia Feminized Seeds with the Flamenco Mix 6 collection. This value-packed set includes Mataro Blue, Afrodite and BCN Diesel, three highly rated strains. Flamenco Mix
Flash Automatic thumbnail

Flash Automatic


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