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Fresh Candy thumbnail

Fresh Candy

Fresh Candy is the Ultimate Sweet Tooth Pheno!

If you're a Sweet Tooth fan, don't miss out on Pyramid Seeds' new Fresh Candy. These feminized seeds are the absolute best pheno from the original 2001 creation with fresh, candy-like flavors. Sweeeet!

  • Very Fast 50 to 60 Day Finish - Distinct India Lean
  • Easy & Beginner Friendly - Slacker Weed!
Frisian Dew Feminized thumbnail

Frisian Dew Feminized

In all honesty, Frisian Dew is the most BEAUTIFUL outdoor variety we have ever encountered. We have never seen ANYTHING come close to this hybrid.
Fruit Automatic thumbnail

Fruit Automatic

Fruit Automatic pumps up DinaFem’s classic autoflowering genetics with a wicked infusion of Grapefruit for richer, stickier weed and a tongue-tempting flavour! Small enough for stealth but big enough
Fruit Spirit thumbnail

Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit Channels Two Superior Strains!

RQS really got it right with Fruit Spirit. A delectable mix of uber-sticky White Widow & luscious Blueberry, Fruit Spirit combines intense power with fresh flavours.

  • Extremely High THC - 7-8 Week Finish
  • 60% Sativa: 40% Indica - Very Balanced Highs
Fruitilicious thumbnail


Fruitilicious is a euphoric triple threat! The flavour & aroma are mouthwatering, the yields are awesome and the joyful high can put a goofy smile on the grumpiest face! And if you’re looking for bag
Fruity Chronic Juice thumbnail

Fruity Chronic Juice

Delicious Seeds has accomplished a unification of the productive qualities of Chronic with the powerful medical effects of White Widow with Fruity Chronic Juice. With great production and a surprisin
Full Moon thumbnail

Full Moon

Ready for an unforgettable trip? Step aboard the Full Moon Express for the ride of a lifetime. This smoke-filled train isn’t haunted, but the visual highs can get a little spooky. If you’ve got what i
Full Moon Feminized thumbnail

Full Moon Feminized

G - Force thumbnail

G - Force

A feminised G-13 hybrid that's heavy in yield and super-heavy in effect - not every smoker can pull this many Gs!
G13 thumbnail


G13 Haze Feminised thumbnail

G13 Haze Feminised

The famous G13 legend lives on with this remarkable hybrid developed from the world famous G13 and our best Hawaiian sativa. It stays short considering it is a mostly sativa strain.
Galaxy thumbnail


Get Branch-Breaking Yields with Galaxy!

Galaxy has plenty of power & a fast finish, but her drought-busting yields make her a standout cannabis seed. Put these babies in your collection & you'll never go without!

  • Afghan X Northern Lights - Indica Perfection
  • 450 gr/m2 Yields, 55 to 60 Days, 15% THC
Ganesh Spirit thumbnail

Ganesh Spirit

With a sweet/spicy aroma and a citrus/aniseed flavour, Ganesh Spirit is as tasty as she is strong! Ganesh Spirit is a super-fast Sativa with booming highs and lasting stones!
Ganj of New York thumbnail

Ganj of New York


Ganj of New York is a NYCD X Black Diesel mix with intense aromas, perfect bud formation & a stunning 19% THC level. Killer yields are a welcome bonus!

  • Sour & Tangy - Delicious!
  • Loves SOG - Beginner Friendly
Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto thumbnail

Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Auto

Girl Scout Cookie Genetics - 7 Week Finishes!

As part of Dr Krippling's highly esteemed Triple G line, this Grand Heft Auto X GSC X Gelato mix is crushing it with high yields, fast finishes and a delicious flavour that'll make you say: Please Sir, Can I have another!

  • Code Named GGG #3 Automatic
  • Up to 80 gram Yield - Each!
Gigabud thumbnail


The Best Big Bud Hybrid Going!

Big Bud & Northern Lights are 2 truly amazing strains, but when combined, they're out of this world! Gigabud is that strain.

  • Indoor Only - Medium Sized
  • Long Lasting Effects - Very Relaxing
Girl Scout Cookies thumbnail

Girl Scout Cookies

Very Rare & Hard to Find!

Packed to the bursting point with THC & rich, full-bodied flavours, Girl Scout Cookies is every bit at good as they say. They're tall, high-yielding & oozing with resin - this Sativa-dominant strain is a must-buy!

  • Sativa-Dominant - Euphoric & Relaxing
  • Up to 650 gr/m2 in 75 Days or Less of Finish
Girl Scout Cookies Auto thumbnail

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Genuine Thin Mint GSC in 55 Days with 22% THC!

Fast Buds managed to shove all that thin mint goodness into a tiny autoflowering seed that literally explodes with fat, sticky buds in just 8 to 9 weeks from the start.

  • Extremely Resinous - Great for Extracts
  • Up to 650 gr/m2 Inside, 300 gr/seed Outside
Glueberry OG thumbnail

Glueberry OG

Contains Genuine Gorilla Glue #4 Genetics!

If you've been itching to try GG#4, give yourself a big, old scratch with Glueberry OG Seeds. This GG#4 X OG X Blueberry combo is a triple threat!

  • Recommended for Indoors - 8 Weeks
  • Highly Aromatic & Completely Coated in Frosty Crystals
Gnomo Automatic thumbnail

Gnomo Automatic

Gnomo Automatic is a Kannabia production that has a Mataro Blue influence.‭ ‬It is said to be a very beautiful plant that can produce competitively and is full of flavor.‭ ‬T

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