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Indica Champions Pack thumbnail

Indica Champions Pack

Explore the intense stones and savage power of this side of the cannabis world with the Indica Champions Pack by Paradise Seeds. The Indica Champions Pack includes Sensi Star, Ice Cream and White Berr
Indica Diamond Collection thumbnail

Indica Diamond Collection

World of Seeds impressive Indica's all come together in their magnificent Indica Diamond Collection, each strain is individually labelled for your connivence.
Indica E Mix thumbnail

Indica E Mix

Big Bang ,El Nino, White Widow, Himalaya Gold, Cheese
Indica G Mix thumbnail

Indica G Mix

A.M.S, Church, Train Wreck, White Widow, White Rhino
Indica Mix H thumbnail

Indica Mix H

If the Indica Mix H pack of soothing medicinal strains doesn’t leave you feeling completely relaxed, there’s no hope for you! Indica Mix H includes White Rhino, Cheese, Train Wreck, Lemon Skunk and Gr
Indica XXL thumbnail

Indica XXL

Rock-hard and ultra-potent, Indica XXL is everything this high-powered breed should be! For an extra-large helping of deep physical stones, add this to your collection.
Indigo Berry Kush thumbnail

Indigo Berry Kush

An Earthy Indica with OG Kush & Blueberry DNA!

Indigo Berry Kush has it all with DNA from OG Kush, Blueberry, LA Con, Black Domina and … wait for it … Trainwreck! Power will not be a problem. Prepare for utter & complete devastation!

  • Pleasantly Sweet & Earthy - Strong Aroma
  • 8 to 9 Weeks Inside, Late September Outside
Indoor Mix thumbnail

Indoor Mix


This is the cheapest & fastest way to see what Royal Queen is all about. For one low price, you'll get both White Widow & Critical, 2 of the world's best feminized seeds!

  • 5 & 10 Seed Packs - Extreme Value
  • High Yields, Fast Finishes, Top-Rated Power
Indoor Mix thumbnail

Indoor Mix

We have put together 5 of our most popular indoor varieties in one package! These popular selections are: Master Kush, Afghan, Pure Power Plant, Skunk #1, Nirvana Special This selection provides
Indoor Mix thumbnail

Indoor Mix

Build Your Collection the Easy Way with Indoor Mix!

If you're looking for dank at dirt-weed prices, Indoor Mix is the way to go. It's a random set, but they're all stunners. Buy Indoor Mix today or kick yourself for missing out!

  • Hand-Picked for Indoor Collections
  • Extreme Variety for Cheap - 5 Fems!
Industrial Plant thumbnail

Industrial Plant

The first strain that was specially adapted to be grown under artificial light, a cross between a high-yielding Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa, was created in the seventies in Seattle, Washingto
Ipot thumbnail


Ipot is a powerful stress-free sativa with a touch of indica. She's perfect to plunge into our technology world without loosing the conscience to being human. The high arrives in a matter of seconds,
Iron Flow thumbnail

Iron Flow

If you’re looking for strong MMJ, check out Iron Flow! Locked & loaded with a full 25% THC, this AK-47 hybrid can handle anything that comes her way. Iron Flow is a heavy-duty strain that can laughs a
Isis thumbnail



Dutch Passion ONLY produces this variety in its feminized form. Being mostly Sativa with a clear Haze influence, Isis produces a first class high.

Jack 47 thumbnail

Jack 47

This super hybrid is the result of crossing two of the strongest varieties of all times, Jack Herer and AK-47. Our stud, AK-47, was specially selected for its great yield and strong effect. Jack Herer
Jack 47 Auto thumbnail

Jack 47 Auto

As the most powerful AutoFem in the world, Jack 47 Auto is in a class all by herself! Jack 47 Auto slays the competition with high-octane power, massive yields and a sweet, lemony flavour. Add in a 9-
Jack Diesel thumbnail

Jack Diesel

Two pillars of the Cannabis world that crossed togheter has produced a variety that reaches and exceeds the origins. The strength of one of the most popular hybrid in the world, Jack Herer, added to t
Jack F1 Female thumbnail

Jack F1 Female

Created on Holland- Jack F1 is extremely potent skunk variety which takes on aan Indica appearance, however is actually 75%+ sativa. Her flowering period is short and Jack F1 produces a lrge quantity
Jack Female thumbnail

Jack Female

Jack Herer thumbnail

Jack Herer

Named for a true legend, Jack Herer is the best Sativa on the planet! The power is high, the yields are amazing & the effects are out of this world. Jack Herer is more than a famous name – it’s a hard

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