Elevate your thoughts with a mind full of library's finest OG flavors from Gage Green. Feel the gaseous terpenes expand and enter our vercy core. Aspirare means to breathe in Latin.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Elevate your thoughts with a mind full of our library's finest OG flavours. Feel the gaseous terpenes expand and enter metabolic passageways. Aspirare means 'to breathe' in Latin. Take a moment to expand your lungs with herbal essenses and be filled with healing energies.

    The selection from these two powerhouse parents cannot be beat. Find tall colas of immense density and frost. These OG Kush buds stack tightly without fail. Any lover of that creamy pine tar kush flavor will find comfort with the Aspirare. The Joseph bulks up one of the favorite OG Kush mothers we run.

    Discover the medicinal potential from these spirit elevating parents. She is loved for the ability to lift one's mood and ease one's pain. The Aspirare will fulfil our aspirations for harmony on earth.

    Flowering Time
    7-9 weeks
    Strain Notes
    King Louis XIII x Joseph OG
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