MixGOM AutoFem Package
Powerful things really do come in small packages! To find out for yourself, check out Grass-O-Matic’s MixGOM AutoFem collection. With 10 autoflowering cannabis seeds, MixGOM AutoFem reveals the magic behind this innovative breeder’s stonking success!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    It’s tempting to dive right into the Grass-O-Matic experience, but ordering a full set of seeds can be a little pricey for many smaller collectors. To spread the wealth, so to speak, Grass-O-Matic is now offering the MixGOM AutoFem package.

    With MixGOM AutoFem, you’ll receive 10 lusty little beans that are raring to go! If set free, each one will mature into a sassy little autoflowering dwarf with all the power of the big girls but in a much stealthier package.

    • 10 Grass-O-Matic Marijuana Seeds
    • Autoflowering & Feminized
    • Old & New Hybrids
    • Short, Sassy & Stealthy!

    When you order MixGOM AutoFem, your pack will contain a random selection of MaxGOM, Auto AK, Auto Mass and maybe even a few of Grass-O-Matic’s brand new marijuana seeds like SugarGOM AutoFem. It’s like a surprise party in a seed pack!

    At Rhino, we only ship genuine MixGOM AutoFem Cannabis Seed packages, but they won’t look like this. Sold to collectors as dormant souvenirs, these feminized seeds are not meant for cultivation, germination or any other illegal use.

    10 Seeds
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    If you love a good AutoFem, you have Grass-o-Matic to thank for this miraculous feat of genetic engineering! Thankfully, these Spanish pioneers didn't stop at the world's first autoflowering strain. Since their initial breakthrough, Grass-o-Matic has continued to lead the way with automatic cannabis seeds that are potent, homogenous, stable and extremely vigorous! Expect your new Grass-o-Matic seeds to be 100% female and finish in 60 to 75 days from seed either indoors or out whether you're a beginner or an expert. Yields are high, the quality is outstanding and the effects are off the chart! If you're shopping for an AutoFem, why not get the proven power of an original Grass-o-Matic cannabis seed?