SugarGOM AutoFem
Bursting with sweetness and sprinkled with sugary THC crystals, SugarGOM AutoFem is one of the tastiest marijuana seeds we’ve ever tried. And, she smells great, too! SugarGOM AutoFem changes from a stealthy sandalwood & citrus to a complex mix of coffee,
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Grassomatic’s new SugarGOM Automatic gets her name from two important features: her intensely sweet flavour and the sugary crystals that coat her rock-hard nuggs! In fact, this is one of the best cannabis seeds we’ve seen so far if resin extraction is your thing.

    SugarGOM AutoFem has a delicate, discreet aroma with hints of sandalwood and citrus. As these cannabis seeds cure, the scent matures into a complex aroma consisting of hazelnut, toasted coffee and exotic musk. SugarGOM Feminized is a treat for the nose, the palate and the head!

    • Brazilian Sativa X Auto AK – Pow!
    • 75 Days from Seed – Zoom!
    • 40 to 100 Grams per Seed – Wow!
    • Under 120 cm. with Minimal Odour – Stealthy!

    If you’re impatient, SugarGOM Seeds are perfect! This potent Sativa-dominant hybrid goes from seed to weed in just 75 days with maturity starting at only the fourth week. Yields measure in at between 40 and 100 grams per bean, but you can boost that level by giving SugarGOM AutoFem a few more days to fully develop the dense, side nuggs that appear underneath the central trichome.

    At Rhino, we do our best to get the latest strains like SugarGOM AutoFem Cannabis Seeds, but these naughty little beans have a way of running out of the warehouse as fast as we pack them in. Note that your marijuana seeds will be dormant collectibles that do not look like this description and that cultivation and germination are illegal in most parts of the world.

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    If you love a good AutoFem, you have Grass-o-Matic to thank for this miraculous feat of genetic engineering! Thankfully, these Spanish pioneers didn't stop at the world's first autoflowering strain. Since their initial breakthrough, Grass-o-Matic has continued to lead the way with automatic cannabis seeds that are potent, homogenous, stable and extremely vigorous! Expect your new Grass-o-Matic seeds to be 100% female and finish in 60 to 75 days from seed either indoors or out whether you're a beginner or an expert. Yields are high, the quality is outstanding and the effects are off the chart! If you're shopping for an AutoFem, why not get the proven power of an original Grass-o-Matic cannabis seed?