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Green House Thai thumbnail

Green House Thai

Introspective, cerebral and exotic, Green House Thai Feminized is delightfully potent with the highest level of Sativa quality! Green House Thai Feminized takes up to 15 weeks to finish, but the resul
Green-O-Matic thumbnail


Fast acting with enduring highs, Green-O-Matic is mild enough for any time of day and easy enough for any experience level. For true “set it and forget it” convenience, check out Green-O-Matic, a fool
Greenhouse Lemon Skunk thumbnail

Greenhouse Lemon Skunk

Smooth citrus flavor, complex effect, well balanced and long-lasting. Ripe in 8 weeks, but an extra week will increase dramatically terpens content in the resin, resulting in a much richer flavor.
Hawaiian Snow thumbnail

Hawaiian Snow

This strain is super-sticky, with a great Hazy smell and taste. It took 1st prize in the 2003 High Times Cannabis cup, and boasts a monster THC content and yield.
Himalayan Gold thumbnail

Himalayan Gold

No other strain is quite as exotic as Green House Seeds Himalayan Gold Feminised! With roots that can be traced back to ancient Nepal and Northern India, this hybrid’s reputation is second to none. A
Indica G Mix thumbnail

Indica G Mix

A.M.S, Church, Train Wreck, White Widow, White Rhino
Indica Mix H thumbnail

Indica Mix H

If the Indica Mix H pack of soothing medicinal strains doesn’t leave you feeling completely relaxed, there’s no hope for you! Indica Mix H includes White Rhino, Cheese, Train Wreck, Lemon Skunk and Gr
K-Train thumbnail


The K-Train is a new creation of Green House Seed Company. We decided to cross the original Trainwreck with original Kush, and the result is impressive to say the least. After careful selection, we
Kaia Kush thumbnail

Kaia Kush

The Kaia Kush is a very popular version of the Kush, created by Apothecary Genetics in California, and remastered into the feminized version by Green House Seed Company in 2008-2009. It is a cross of
Kalishnikova Auto thumbnail

Kalishnikova Auto

Add a brand new weapon to your arsenal of high-powered weed! Kalishnikova Auto only takes 7 weeks to deliver up to 800 gr/m2 of spicy smoke that hits the body like a speeding bullet. Deeply physical,
Kings Kush thumbnail

Kings Kush

Ready to get your ass totally kicked? Kings Kush is just the cannabis seed for the job! 100% feminized & filled to the brim with power, Kings Kush is a lush mix of high-powered OG Kush and yummy Grape
Ladyburn 1974 thumbnail

Ladyburn 1974

Ladyburn 1974 is greenhouse seeds fast flowering indica - mature and ripe ready for harvest in just 9 weeks. Easy to grow, Ladyburn is labelled as good for beginners.
Moby Dick thumbnail

Moby Dick

Just like the great white whale, Moby Dick Feminized is a real monster! This Sativa-dominant strain offers intense power and stunning highs that last forever! Moby Dick Feminized is a potent mix of Ha
NL5 x Haze Mist thumbnail

NL5 x Haze Mist

A true champion, NL5 X Haze Mist is a potent medicinal Sativa that cures what ails you. Turn to NL5 X Haze Mist for a pleasurable mix of top-shelf genetics and unending power!
Nevill`s Haze thumbnail

Nevill`s Haze

Neville's Haze was the first prize winner of the Seed Company HTCC in 1998. This is a plant for a true enthusiast and connoisseur.
Pure Kush thumbnail

Pure Kush

Pure Kush buds look so succulent and juicy - they have a beautiful unusual pinkish hue on the hairs. The smoke is awesome too - nutty, sweet and a real heavy stone!
Sativa / Indica A  Mix thumbnail

Sativa / Indica A Mix

Church, Arjans Strawberry Haze, Lemon Skunk, Great White Shark, Hawaiian Snow
Sativa / Indica B  Mix thumbnail

Sativa / Indica B Mix

Arjans Haze, White Widow, A.M.S, White Rhino, Arjans Haze 3
Sativa / Indica C  Mix thumbnail

Sativa / Indica C Mix

Hawaiian Snow, Super Silver Haze, Lemon Skunk, White Rhino, Big Bang
Sativa / Indica D  Mix thumbnail

Sativa / Indica D Mix

Hawaiian Snow , Great White Shark , Church, Cheese, Arjans Haze 1
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