White Widow
White Widow Feminized is a legendary Cannabis Cup champion best known for her double-dose of white THC crystals. As the first lady of the White family, this wicked woman offers a balanced effect that eases the body and delights the mind!
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    Free shipping and seeds

    White Widow Feminized has a credential that few cannabis seeds can claim: a first place High Times Cannabis Cup win! This potent champion is best known for her rich layers of glistening crystals, but you’ll like the 18.76% THC rating even better than her sparkling appearance.

    This hybrid offers a uniquely balanced effect. A complex mix of Brazilian and South Indian genetics, White Widow comes on fast like a physically relaxing Indica before busting loose with an uplifting Sativa high. Best of all, White Widow Feminized Seeds last for what seems like forever!

    • Brazilian X South Indian – Quality!
    • 18.76% THC – Strong!
    • 8 Week Finish – Fast!
    • 1st Bio HTCC of 1995 – Proven!

    It only takes about eight weeks for White Widow Feminized to explode in 800 gr/m2 of lavish, crystal-coated nuggs. In fact, this medicinal legend is so frosty she looks like she’s covered in powdered sugar!

    Rhino Seeds only ships bona fide White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Greenhouse Seeds, but your new beans won’t look like this. These dormant collectibles are not intended for cultivation, germination or any other illegal use.

    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Thc Level
    High : 15% +
    Yield Notes
    Indoor 800 gr/sqm / Outdoor 900 gr/plant
    Flowering Outdoors
    End of September
    Cannabis Seeds Per Packet
    Cup Winner
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    Extremely strong indica feeling, with a creepy sativa high to complement the effect.
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    1st Bio HTCC 1995
    THC Notes
    Cannabis Genetics
    Brazilian and South Indian.
    Indoor Yield
    350 to 450 gr/sqm.
    love the widow she makes a great night in
    bitch - 10 April 2013 19:49:03

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    Planted two packs one was widow the other was rhino (packs of five). All but one widow germed well.S - read more

    The Goldengolly, 2007-10-03

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