Sweet Mango Auto
As one of the tastiest autoflowering seeds going, Sweet Mango Auto is a delicious mix of sweet tropical fruit and intense sour flavours. With a 7-week finish, Sweet Mango Auto goes from seed to weed in just 9 weeks total.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    As fresh as a tropical breeze, Sweet Mango Auto is one of the most delicious autoflowering cannabis seeds we’ve ever tried. If you love great tasting smoke just as much as a good stone, you won’t be disappointed with this one!

    Due to its exceptional speed, Sweet Mango Auto is great for stealth, guerilla, SOG and SCROG. From dormant bean, this feminized seed only takes 9 weeks to completely finish. It’s the perfect choice for impatient tokers!

    • Mango X Big Bang Auto
    • 7-Week Finish – 9 Weeks Total from Seed!
    • 700 gr/m2 or 80 gr/seed Yields
    • Intense Stones that Last Forever!

    Sweet Mango Auto Seeds taste and smell like fresh tropical fruit with just a touch of sourness to liven things up. The effects are very stoned, long-lasting and extremely pleasant.

    Sweet Mango Auto Cannabis Seeds are one of the Rhino’s favourite treats. If you’d like to try this mouthwatering bean for yourself, get it fast and cheap at Rhino Seeds. We guarantee every single marijuana seed we sell – who else does that?

    Flowering Time
    Flowering Outdoors
    7 Weeks
    Height Notes
    70 to 100 cm
    Strain Notes
    Long Lasting Stones
    Flowering Time Notes
    7 Weeks
    Cannabis Genetics
    Mango X Big Bud Auto
    Average - Tall
    Outdoor Yield
    60 to 80 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    700 gr/m2
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