Kalishnikova Auto
Add a brand new weapon to your arsenal of high-powered weed! Kalishnikova Auto only takes 7 weeks to deliver up to 800 gr/m2 of spicy smoke that hits the body like a speeding bullet. Deeply physical, Kalishnikova Auto is a real killer!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    With machine-gun precision, Kalishnikova Auto is primed and ready to deliver the killer effects you expect in a premium autoflowering cannabis seed! Brand new for 2012, this is the most powerful weed weapon developed by Green House Seeds so far.

    Kalishnikova Auto Seeds can take just about anything you dish out and still drop you to the floor with intense power and killer effects. Just keep temps above 10 degrees Celsius and the light under 18 hours, and Kalishnikova AutoFem will do the rest!

    • Kalishnikova X Green-O-Matic
    • Spicy & Fruity – Yum!
    • 800 gr/m2 or 100 gr/seed Yields
    • Faster than a Speeding Bullet – 7 Weeks

    Deeply physical and super fast, Kalishnikova Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds have a delectable flavour and aroma that’s both fruity and spicy. This marijuana seed is medium sized with a strong, branchy structure capable of supporting the super-charged yields.

    Wondering how the Rhino keeps our prices so low? Whenever anyone tries to raise them, he whips out the Kalishnikova Auto! Although he’s not going to shoot anyone, a little smoke always makes the negotiations go a little smoother! If you’d like to get the best beans for cheap, order from Rhino Seeds. They’ll get there faster than a speeding bullet!

    Flowering Time
    Flowering Outdoors
    7 Weeks
    Height Notes
    70 to 100 cm
    Strain Notes
    Fast & Physical
    Flowering Time Notes
    7 Weeks
    Cannabis Genetics
    Kalishnikova X Green-O-Matic Auto
    Outdoor Yield
    80 to 100 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    800 grm2
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