Betty Boo

Even by Autoflowering Dwarf standards, Betty Boo is tiny! This mini marvel only reaches about 30 cm max & finishes in a very fast 60 days or less. If you’re in a hurry & you’re tight on space, Betty Boo is the way to go. Order your Joint Doctor Seeds now!
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Cute Little Betty Boo is the Fastest, Smallest Autoflowering Dwarf on the Planet!

Don’t let time or space keep you from collecting your heart out! Betty Boo is the world’s smallest & fastest autoflowering dwarf – it only needs about 30 cm of headroom & 60 days to do its thing!

Can you believe Betty Boo Seeds were a total accident? Somehow, Mazar, Lowryder & Lowryder 2 had a little love-fest behind the Joint Doctor’s back, and this little beauty popped right out! Order today to turn his blunder to your advantage!

  • Betty Boo is a Tiny Speed Freak!
  • Perfect for Small Spaces & Tight Timeframes
  • Get 10 to 20 gr/seed in Just 55 to 60 Days!
  • Highly Resinous 5-Star Cannabis Seeds!

Betty Boo Cannabis Seeds are incredibly sweet in both smell & taste with mid-range power and awesome 10 to 20 gr/seed yields. Due to her speed & size, she’s a perfect candidate for SOG, patios, file cabinets & closets!


Don’t tell anyone, but The Rhino has a little crush on Betty Boo Auto! It’s one of those opposites attract kind of deals. Even if it doesn’t work out, he’s definitely priced these incredible cannabis seeds to sell. Order today before he comes to his senses!

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? Medium : 8 - 15%
Cannabis Genetics Mazar X Lowryder X Lowryder #2
Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
Height notes 20 to 30 cm
Yield Notes 10 to 20 gr/seed
Greenhouse ? Yes
Betty Boo is a small, fast cannabis seed created by the legendary Joint Doctor. The Joint Doctor is famous for creating Lowryder, the most sought-after autoflowering cannabis seeds on the planet. This strain is so good that the best breeders seek out LowRyder for their own autoflowering projects. Why go with a copy when you can own an authentic LowRyder from the one and only Joint Doctor?