Double Dutch
Get 2 times the power with turbo-charged Double Dutch cannabis seeds! This incredible mix of Warlock & pre-2000 Chronic delivers a complex effect that’ll blow your mind with a heavy high. Double Dutch is an Indica-dominant Highlife Cup champ!
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    Double Dutch Takes Warlock’s Supernatural Power in an Entirely New Direction with a Hit of Chronic

    Double Dutch combines two of the weed world’s most beloved strains into an incredible mix that can’t be beat! This Warlock/Chronic love child is totally hard-core.

    This hybrid has one of the best cases of split personality disorder we’ve ever seen. During the first stage, Double Dutch Seeds are all Indica – fat, thick & bushy. Once the 55 to 65 day finish starts, the Sativa takes over for massive, elongated nuggs that look a bit like a warped popcorn ball.

    • Double Dutch is a Highlife Champ
    • Indica-Dominant with a Complex Buzz
    • Fat, Sativa-Like Nuggs
    • Warlock X Pre-2000 Chronic

    For the best results, give Double Dutch Cannabis Seeds plenty of light & support. Due to the weight, staking is a strict requirement.

    Magus Genetics Double Dutch works well in any medium. These marijuana seeds smell like a blend of fresh fruit and delicate wildflowers, and the buzz is strong, complex & heavy with a cerebral touch.

    10 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Cup Winner
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Cup Information:
    2006 Highlife Cup - 3rd Place
    Flowering Time Notes
    55 to 65 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Warlock X Pre-2000 Chronic

    Can’t make up your mind between Indica & Sativa? For a great compromise, buy Double Dutch Cannabis Seeds. These powerful beans have a bit more Indica than Sativa, but how can you go wrong with a Warlock/Chronic cross?

    When you buy Double Dutch from Rhino Seeds, you’ll love the low prices and fast delivery just as much as the high level of quality these marijuana seeds deliver. We take great pride in being the UK’s most trusted source for 5-star cannabis seeds, and it shows!

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    Double Dutch is a potent Warlock/Chronic hybrid created by the Magus Genetics Seed Company. Magus Genetics is famous for creating a small selection of absolutely perfect cannabis seeds. With an extreme level of dedication, this breeder continues to perfect their signature strains rather than pumping out a larger number of mediocre cannabis seeds. You’ll never be disappointed by an authentic Magus Genetics’ marijuana seed!