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Biddy Early thumbnail

Biddy Early


If you’re in a cold, outdoor climate, nothing’s better than Biddy Early. This exceptional cannabis seed finishes early, stands up to harsh weather & even turns red & purple with cold air.

Biddy Sister thumbnail

Biddy Sister


You can’t go wrong with a genuine Highlife Cup champion! Biddy Sister took top honours as the best outdoor cannabis seed at that prestigious competition in 2008! Add a real winner to your collection.

Double Dutch thumbnail

Double Dutch


Get 2 times the power with turbo-charged Double Dutch cannabis seeds! This incredible mix of Warlock & pre-2000 Chronic delivers a complex effect that’ll blow your mind with a heavy high.

Exile thumbnail



Banish the schwag with top-rated Exile Cannabis Seeds! This potent mix of Warlock, Northern Lights & White Widow is a triple threat with incredible power & strong, seductive stones.

Mosaic Mix Pack thumbnail

Mosaic Mix Pack


Save some dough & buy the Mosaic Mix Pack! This collection of Magus Genetic’s best standard cannabis seeds delivers a random selection of the world’s best Cup-winning strains.

Motavation thumbnail



Who couldn’t use a little Motavation? This couch-locking Indica relaxes your body & sets your mind free!

Warlock thumbnail



Capable of an incredible 29% THC, Warlock is the founding member of the Magus Genetics collection. A stunning Indica-dominant cannabis seed with Sativa-like features, Warlock has won several times at the Cups.

Showing 1-7 of 7

The Magus Genetics Seed Company Refines Every Strain to Maximize Quality, Power & Stability!

The great thing about Gerrit & the Magus Genetics Seed Company is that this team never stops improving their strains! By the time they release each completely unique cannabis seed, it's absolutely perfect by anyone else's standards - including ours. But these masterminds are never satisfied! They continue to tweak their mixes year after year to improve stability, boost power & maximize yield. Is that the best kind of OCD you've ever heard of or what?

If you worry that constant improvements will ruin your favourite strains, don't! Magus Genetics takes great pride in creating 5-star cannabis seeds with the highest possible level of consistency & uniformity. With that goal clearly in mind, each potent strain just keeps getting better, and better, and better!

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