Hubble Bubble
Relaxing, creative and just a bit playful, Hubble Bubble is the perfect general-purpose weed! Hubble Bubble stays on the short & stealthy side with an easy-to-manage Xmas tree shape, impressive yields & an incredibly pleasant aroma.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • High Yields
  • Balanced Effects
  • Short, Stealthy & Easy
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Satisfy All Your Needs with Indica-Dominant Hubble Bubble Cannabis Seeds!

Hubble Bubble does it all! These cannabis seeds are Indica-dominant, but the effects are extremely balanced. When the smoke hits, it’s relaxing and creative with hints of playfulness. What more could you ask for in 5-star marijuana seeds?

With a mix of genetics from pure landrace strains from Northern India and the Hindu Kush, Hubble Bubble Seeds are powerful and high yielding. These weed seeds pump out between 350 and 400 gr/m2 inside and between 700 and 800 grams/seed outside.

  • Hubble Bubble is a Short, Stealthy & Easy to Collect!
  • Indica-Dominant with Balanced Mind/Body Effects
  • 450 gr/m2 Inside – 800 gr/seed Outside
  • A Compilation of the Most Powerful Indian Landrace Strains

To enhance your overall experience, Hubble Bubble fills the room with a sophisticated mix of delightful fragrances. Depending on your nose, you’ll detect traces of sweet candy, rosemary or even sweet pastry in this complex bouquet.

If short & stealthy is your game, Hubble Bubble Feminized is a real player! These cannabis seeds retain an easy-to-maintain Christmas tree shape with dense, rocky nuggs and little variation from the original phenotype. Order yours today!


3 Seeds
6 Seeds
Flowering Time
7-8 weeks
Flowering Outdoors
Height Notes
80 to 90 cm
Sativa/Indica Notes
Mainly Indica
Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Time Notes
62 to 65 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Mix of Landrace Strains from North India & Hindu Kush
Outdoor Yield
700 to 800 gr/seed
Indoor Yield
350 to 450 gr/m2

If you’re looking for great, general purpose weed that’s not too obvious, buy Hubble Bubble Cannabis Seeds today! This incredible strain is both relaxing and creative at the same time with just the right amount of playfulness to round out the mix. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Make the smart choice and buy Hubble Bubble from Rhino Seeds! We always offer the cheapest prices, the fastest shipping and the friendliest customer service in the UK. Plus, The Rhino always has your back when you buy 5-star cannabis seeds from us. Order today!

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  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • High Yields
  • Balanced Effects
  • Short, Stealthy & Easy

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Hubble Bubble is a balanced cannabis seed covered by the Mandala Seeds label. For Mandala Seeds, crafting 5-star marijuana seeds isn’t just a job – it’s a passion! The founding duo and driving force behind Mandala Seeds has dedicated their life to traveling the globe in search of knowledge and the absolute best cannabis genetics the world has to offer. Try these amazing weed seeds today!