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Medical Seeds’ Collection 2 will blow your mind! This sampler includes 1024, 2046 and Jack La Mota, three of the industry’s best medicinal cannabis seeds. Don’t miss this chance to try all three Sativa strains included in Collection 2 for one low price!
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Medical Seeds does it again! They’ve bundled 3 of their most desirable Sativa-dominant strains into an awesomely affordable 6-pack of potent therapeutic beans. Get yours today!

1024 is a 70% Sativa, 30% Indica blend of top-secret genetics with high CBD levels. With extremely high yields and THC ratings that go all the way to 25%, this is a hard cannabis seed to beat!

  • 3 Premium Medicinal Strains
  • 1024 – 70% Sativa, 25% THC, High CBD
  • 2046 – 100% Sativa, 25% THC, Low CBD
  • Jack La Mota – 75% Sativa, 20% THC, High CBD

2046 is a mix of the world’s purest Sativas. This cannabis seed also reaches the 25% THC range, but the CBD levels in this strain are low for strong psychoactive highs. 2046 is not recommended for newbies due to the very long finish.

Jack La Mota is a 75% Sativa, 25% Indica hybrid created by breeding NL #5 with Skunk. As a fitting tribute to the legendary Jack Herer, this is one of the most popular cannabis seeds on the market today.

The Rhino knows that you’re chomping at the bit, but you need to slow your roll! It’s illegal to cultivate or germinate any cannabis seed, including Medical Seeds’ Collection 2, in almost every part of the world. Stay safe and stay free!

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Indoor ? Yes
Outdoor ? Yes
Thc Level ? High : 15% +
Medical ? Yes
If you're looking for an intense medicinal cannabis seed that really does what it promises, check out Medical Seeds. This Spanish breeder offers numerous award-winning strains plus some old classics that're impossible to beat. Every marijuana seed in this collection delivers outstanding power (up to 25% THC) as well as extreme physical or mental effects. One of our favourites is Hammerhead, a potent medicinal strain with 20% THC, high CBD and extremely soothing physical stones. It's a wonderful way to take the edge off.