If you’re looking for an intense medicinal strain, Hammerhead is your kinda cannabis seed! Hammerhead Feminized combines two of the strongest Indicas on the planet into one wicked beast with 20% THC and high CBD levels. Sooo soothing!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds


    When you look up medicinal marijuana in the weed dictionary, the definition should come with a big picture (and a little sample) of Hammerhead Feminized! This wicked beast combines two of the strongest therapeutic strains known to man, White Rhino & Medicine Man, into a single savage marijuana seed!

    Hammerhead Seeds are Indica dominant with THC ratings that go all the way up to a smashing 20%, but the real beauty is the high CBD levels! This chemical turns Hammerhead into an intensely physical experience by tempering the more psychoactive highs.

    • White Rhino X Medicine Man
    • 20% THC – Killer!
    • 80% Indica – Highly Medicinal!
    • 500+ gr/m2 - Wow!

    If you like a little colour in your medical marijuana, Hammerhead Feminized is ready to satisfy. Just expose these cannabis seeds to some cool air, and the green transforms into a spectacular purple that practically glows with health. The flavour is sweet, the resin is very “White” and the yields are out of this world!

    When it comes to feminized seeds strong enough to knock you into next week, the Rhino has them all! If Hammerhead Feminized Cannabis Seeds don’t do it for you, keep looking – you’ll definitely find your perfect bean here along with great prices and ultra-fast shipping. Just remember, it’s illegal in most places to put these babies to work. Stay safe!

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    If you're looking for an intense medicinal cannabis seed that really does what it promises, check out Medical Seeds. This Spanish breeder offers numerous award-winning strains plus some old classics that're impossible to beat. Every marijuana seed in this collection delivers outstanding power (up to 25% THC) as well as extreme physical or mental effects. One of our favourites is Hammerhead, a potent medicinal strain with 20% THC, high CBD and extremely soothing physical stones. It's a wonderful way to take the edge off.