White Widow
As one of the biggest names in the cannabis industry, White Widow is a legendary powerhouse that pumps out high volumes of sticky, THC-laced trichomes. A captivating Sativa-dominant hybrid, White Widow is an energizing strain that has an amazing array of
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    Free shipping and seeds

    White Widow was first introduced to the cannabis community in 1995. Since then, this Sativa-dominant hybrid has captivated the world with it’s gleaming layer of white crystals and amazing THC levels.

    As a testimony to the stable nature of White Widow Seeds, this combination of Indian and Brazilian genetics has been used in the breeding pools of countless seed banks. However, nothing comes close to the power and the flavour of the original Widow.

    • Sativa Dominant with a Healthy Shot of Indica
    • Done in Just 8 Short Weeks
    • 18% THC
    • Yields Can Reach 450 gr/m2 to 300 gr/seed

    White Widow Cannabis Seeds by the Ministry of Cannabis offer a fruity taste, a subtle, piney aroma and a very manageable structure. With both Indica and Sativa features, this hybrid has a strong effect on both the mind and the body, but never leaves you feeling tired or lethargic.

    When your White Widow Cannabis Seeds arrive, they won’t look like this description. However, these dormant items are genuine seeds meant for collecting. Remember, germination and cultivation are illegal in the UK.

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