Angel Heart (Mango Haze X Afghan Skunk)
Overflowing with heavenly flavour, Angel Heart comes as close to perfection as anything we’ve ever tried. Treat your taste buds to Angel Heart, a premium mix of Mango, Haze and Skunk flavour sensations!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    If you don’t like Angel Heart, something’s definitely wrong with you. This delectable mix of Mango, Haze and Skunk flavours is as close to flavour perfection as it gets!

    Angel Heart Seeds, also known as Mango Haze X Afghan Skunk, were bred by Mr. Nice specifically for their heavenly flavour, but this delicious strain also delivers top-notch yields, awesome power and superior effects!

    • Mango Haze X Afghan Skunk
    • The Absolute Best Flavour!
    • 600 gr/m2 – Killer!
    • You’ll Never Tire of This One!!

    Mr. Nice himself says that Angel Heart will always leave you wanting more, and the Rhino is in total agreement! In fact, we have to distract him when the new cannabis seeds arrive or he’ll tear through the packs searching for anything that smells remotely like Mango Haze X Afghan Skunk!

    When you order Angel Heart Cannabis Seeds, we’ll pull your selection from the Rhino-free zone of our warehouse. That way, you’ll get amazingly fresh marijuana seeds at a great price, with ultra-fast shipping and without a drop of Rhino spit to mar their shiny finish!

    Flowering Time
    8-12 weeks
    Flowering Outdoors
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Strain Notes
    12.5% NL5, 25% Haze, 25% Afghan, 37.5 Skunk
    Flowering Time Notes
    60 to 70 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Mango Haze X Afghan Skunk
    Indoor Yield
    400 to 600 gr/m2
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    You'll never go wrong with cannabis seeds created by the three biggest icons in the weed world! Technically, the Mr. Nice Seed Bank is owned by the one & only Shantibaba, but he gets a lot of help from the legendary Howard Marks (the actual Mr. Nice) and Neville Schoenmaker (of Neville's Haze fame). Together, this trio is hard, if not impossible, to beat! Discover a collection that includes more Cup-winning strains than any other including Northern Lights #5, White Widow, Super Silver Haze & White Rhino.