Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze

To create a brand new mix from original, old-school genetics, Mr. Nice combined their best strains to make Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze. Affectionately known as Master Kaze, this new hybrid is a rare limited edition seed that won’t be around for long!
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Master Kush Skunk x Afghan Haze(776)
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Mr. Nice is on a mission to preserve and protect original, old-school genetics, but this doesn’t stop him from releasing new strains based on those same principals in a limited-edition form. If you crave those delicious flavours and aromas from back in the day, Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze will drown you in wave after wave of distinct sensations. Although Master Kaze is a fierce mix of the world’s most popular strains, it draws most of its power from the Afghan side of the house. However, individual Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze Seeds can vary from a pain-relieving Afghan to a euphoric Haze. Finally! If you’ve been searching for a highly medicinal strain that’s suitable for both beginners and more experienced collectors, look no further than Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze. This hybrid relieves stress and tension in addition to giving even the most finicky patient a stonking case of the munchies. Get Your Mr. Nice Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze Cannabis Seeds Today! Master Kush Skunk X Afghan Haze Seeds are intended for collection purposes only. We do not encourage anyone to cultivate or germinate these cannabis seeds.

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You'll never go wrong with cannabis seeds created by the three biggest icons in the weed world! Technically, the Mr. Nice Seed Bank is owned by the one & only Shantibaba, but he gets a lot of help from the legendary Howard Marks (the actual Mr. Nice) and Neville Schoenmaker (of Neville's Haze fame). Together, this trio is hard, if not impossible, to beat! Discover a collection that includes more Cup-winning strains than any other including Northern Lights #5, White Widow, Super Silver Haze & White Rhino.