Mr Nice Seeds Neville's Haze
Neville’s Haze is old-school weed that continues to please the modern palate! Packed with Sativa power with just a stroke of Indica, this mix of Northern Lights and Classic Haze genetics is the perfect way to honor the undisputed King of Cannabis, Neville
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    What better way to pay homage to Neville Schoenmakers, the King of Cannabis and founder of the modern-day seed bank, than to name this example of Sativa perfection in his honor? Neville’s Haze is a 75% Sativa hybrid that mixes three parts classic Haze with one part Northern Lights #5 for the ultimate in power, flavour and sky-high yields! Many other breeders claim to have Neville’s Haze Seeds, but only Mr. Nice has the genetic means to deliver the authentic item. When you buy Mr. Nice Neville’s Haze from Rhino, you’ll always get the real deal and never a re-engineered copy. Be warned that Neville’s Haze requires a patient collector. Even under perfect conditions, this cannabis seed can take up to 16 weeks to finish, a typical timeframe for top-shelf, old-school Sativa. If you’re willing to wait, we promise you won’t regret it! This smooth smoke is the ride of a lifetime. Get Your Mr. Nice Neville’s Haze Cannabis Seeds Today! Rhino Seeds only ships dormant Neville’s Haze Seeds for collection purposes. Cultivation, germination and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
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    You'll never go wrong with cannabis seeds created by the three biggest icons in the weed world! Technically, the Mr. Nice Seed Bank is owned by the one & only Shantibaba, but he gets a lot of help from the legendary Howard Marks (the actual Mr. Nice) and Neville Schoenmaker (of Neville's Haze fame). Together, this trio is hard, if not impossible, to beat! Discover a collection that includes more Cup-winning strains than any other including Northern Lights #5, White Widow, Super Silver Haze & White Rhino.