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The New Era Genetics Mix Pack is the most efficient and affordable way to discover the full power of medicinal cannabis seeds. With the Mix Pack, you’ll receive two Indicas, two Sativas and six random strains from this top-rated breeder’s gene pool – some
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New Era Genetics: The Next Generation of Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

To create a cutting-edge catalog of top-rated therapeutic marijuana seeds, New Era Genetics has spared no effort in identifying and collecting the most medicinally effective specimens on the planet to create a gene pool that's the envy of the cannabis industry.

With a breeding program that's just as diverse as the membership in this elite group, New Era Genetics has broken new ground with a potent mix of innovative hybrids filled with raging power, tantalizing flavours and just the right mix of medicinal properties. At New Era, they believe healing should always be pleasant, effective, satisfying and affordable!

  • Potent Medicinal Cannabis Seeds
  • A Soothing Strain for Every Symptom
  • One of the Most Affordable Medicinal Lines
  • 100% Organic and All Natural – No Chemical Additives

This up-and-coming breeder brings a fresh perspective to seed production. Instead of going with the current feminization trend to maximize profits, they've stuck with a kinder, gentler business model that centers around all-natural, untreated marijuana seeds. New Era Genetics deals exclusively in 100% organic cannabis seeds that are exactly as nature intended them to be!

So, what does go into a New Era Genetics' seed? While they're always expanding their breeding program, their core gene pool includes exceptional specimens from Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in exotic India as well as Afghan strains from the Khakrez Valley, tropical breeds from the Hawaiian Islands and several potent Sativas from Thailand. Plus, this group also uses some super-secret genetics they've held onto since the early 90s.

New Era Genetics operates out of balmy Spain, the new weed capital of the world. Even High Times magazine has recognized this sun-kissed region to be superior to the Dutch breeding fields due to their exceptional climate. Why not trust New Era Genetics to harness the power of the sun to create the most effective medicinal cannabis seed for your every therapeutic need?

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