Years of R&D went into FY9 to create a near-pure Sativa with minimal stretch, fast finishes and good yields for indoor use! If you crave Sativa quality but dread the work, FY9 Cannabis Seeds are a perfect choice!
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FY9 Cannabis Seeds pair Sativa quality with strong medicinal power! Developed specifically for indoor use, this rich strain has an amazingly fast finish, little stretch & great yields, features rarely seen in a near-pure Sativa hybrid!


Overall, FY9 Seeds stay true to their Sativa-dominant essence with an intense, long-lasting psychoactive high that boosts the mood and stimulates the appetite. The flavour is a tasty mix of mint, spice and earth that’s pleasant but never overpowering.


  • Fatass (Bumgordo) X Lady Lush X Special Sativa
  • 75% Sativa – Very Psychoactive
  • Short Finish Times & Minimal Stretch
  • Soaring Highs & Relaxing Stones

It took New Era Genetics several years of dedicated work to stabilize FY9 Cannabis Seeds to the point they have very little variation in height, stretch or finish. However, some of these marijuana seeds favour their Indica side just a little bit more than others for an extra hit of physical relaxation.

Somedays, it’s all we can do to keep the Rhino out of the FY9 Cannabis Seeds. If you’d like to get yours before they’re gone, order now! With our ultra-fast shipping, they’ll be there before you know it!

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Indoor ? Yes
Cannabis Genetics Fatass (Bumgordo) X Lady Lush X Special Sativa
Medical ? Yes
New Era Genetics is a brand-new Spanish breeder with a slightly different take on weed. With a clear focus on the holistic benefits of cannabis, this group of breeders, researchers, collectors and friends has created an impressive set of medicinal cannabis seeds based on the purest landrace strains from Afghanistan, Thailand, South America, Hawaii and Africa. In keeping with their all-natural philosophy, New Era Genetics only offers untreated, regular marijuana seeds so that you know exactly what you're putting into your body. Treat yourself to an outstanding New Era Genetics' weed seed!