Mix Pack
The New Era Genetics Mix Pack is the most efficient and affordable way to discover the full power of medicinal cannabis seeds. With the Mix Pack, you’ll receive two Indicas, two Sativas and six random strains from this top-rated breeder’s gene pool – some
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    The New Era Genetics Mix Pack makes choosing the right medicinal seed easy! Instead of narrowing down your options to one or two seeds, this option lets your fully explore this amazing new world!

    This marijuana seed sampler includes a variety of Indicas, Sativas and mixed hybrids from New Era Genetics’ state-of-the-art breeding program. This means you’ll get to try some of the new variations in addition to a random mix of the most dependable cannabis seeds in the world!

    • The Most Affordable Way to Explore New Era Genetics!
    • 10 Seeds for One Low Price
    • Indicas & Sativas – Physical & Cerebral!

    New Era Genetics specializes in medicinal cannabis seeds. If you order their Mix Pack, you can depend on each weed seed to be completely organic with no chemical treatments just as nature intended. What else could you ask for from your therapeutic breeder?

    When you order the New Era Genetics Mix Pack from Rhino Seeds, you can also depend on a few more things like the Rhino satisfaction guarantee and world-class customer service. Best of all, the Rhino personally supervises the shipping department to make sure your beans get there in short order!

    10 Seeds
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    New Era Genetics is a brand-new Spanish breeder with a slightly different take on weed. With a clear focus on the holistic benefits of cannabis, this group of breeders, researchers, collectors and friends has created an impressive set of medicinal cannabis seeds based on the purest landrace strains from Afghanistan, Thailand, South America, Hawaii and Africa. In keeping with their all-natural philosophy, New Era Genetics only offers untreated, regular marijuana seeds so that you know exactly what you're putting into your body. Treat yourself to an outstanding New Era Genetics' weed seed!