Short Ryder
Short Ryder is a pungent mix of Top 44 and Early Special. With this fast-finishing automatic hybrid on board, you could be sampling the powerful effects of Short Ryder in just 44 days!
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Nirvana Seeds outdid themselves with this potent hybrid. Short Ryder gets commercial-grade power and output from Top 44 and autoflowering capabilities from Early Special. With this cannabis seed, you can fill your stash with skunky nuggs in just 44 days!

    Short Ryder is a true hybrid with genetics from both the Indica and Sativa sides of the house, but the distinctive Indica lean means this cannabis seed has a strong effect on the body for a very relaxing stone. You will never be disappointed by the power and quality offered by Short Ryder Seeds.

    • Top 44 X Early Special
    • High Yields in Small Spaces
    • Easy Autoflowering Capabilities
    • Up to 300 gr/m2 of Pungent, Fruit Power – Very Skunky

    This pungent automatic is exceptionally small, just like the Short Ryder name implies. You’ll be amazed by how much power, skunky flavour and huge yields this strain provides in such a small space and equally short timeframe. If you’re looking for a seed with top scores in every single category, this is the one!

    When your order arrives, it will contain dormant collectibles that are real, but won’t look like this. Per UK law, Rhino Seeds does not sell any cannabis seed for cultivation, germination or any other illegal activity.

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