Alien Abduction
Think you have what it takes to stand up to a bona fide Alien Abduction? This sh*t is so good it might be worth a little probing. Alien Abduction is a potent cross of Alien OG & Alien Dawg with extreme vigour & boatloads of dense, sticky nuggs.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Alien OG X Alien Dawg
  • Fresh, Viable & Vigorous
  • So Cal Medicinal Strain
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Alien Abduction is So Strong It’ll Take You to the Next Solar System & Back!


OG Seeds is prolonging the legendary Alien Series with their latest Alien OG/Alien Dawg cross. Either that or they picked up super-potent Alien Abduction from the little green men! Yes, it really is that good!

Alien Abduction Seeds are extremely vigorous with amazing success rates. These babies really know how to pop on cue. You’re gonna love ‘em!

  • Alien Abduction Delivers Potent MMJ Without a Bit of Probing!
  • Extremely Vigorous
  • Several Fierce Phenotypes
  • Very Generous Yields

Satisfy your craving for variety with Alien Abduction! These cannabis seeds typically have several incredible phenotypes with each pack – and every single one is a keeper.

Alien Abduction Cannabis Seeds take between 56 and 70 days to finish. Over this timeframe, they reach about 90 cm with a generous splash of dank nuggs. Take the time to top these weed seeds and they’ll reward you for it big time!

10 seeds
Height Notes
around 90 cm
Flowering Time Notes
56 – 70 days (~64 days)
Cannabis Genetics
AlienDawg X AlienOG

Buy Alien Abduction Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino for one of OG Seeds’ best strains and an incredible deal! Rhino Seeds offers the absolute lowest price on every single marijuana seed on our site paired with fast shipping and friendly customer service.

With a state-of-the-art procurement system, Rhino Seeds has the freshest stock in the industry. You’ll never receive stale or dusty beans when you buy Alien Abduction from us. Order today and discover a better way to shop for 5-star cannabis seeds!

Alien Abduction has the bang for bucks!
AlienAbductionBang - 07 November 2012 19:16:54

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Alien OG X Alien Dawg
  • Fresh, Viable & Vigorous
  • So Cal Medicinal Strain

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OG Seeds, also known as Ocean Grown Genetics, could be the absolute best source for medical marijuana seeds. After all, this world-class operation was founded by actual MMJ patients who continue to design, breed and test OG Seeds' high-powered strains. Ocean Grown Genetics is on a mission to introduce the world to what were once So-Cal only strains. Interested in helping them out? Not sure what to pick? We recommend Sleeping Dog or Alien Abduction, but they're all good. Order your own OG Seeds today!