Herijuana keeps going for the first 2 weeks off bloom and produces golfball-like buds, even the lower buds get rock hard.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Just the thought of telling your friends you have added the elusive Herijuana strain to your collection should be enough to make you jump at the chance to order this great new variety of cannabis seeds. As the flagship product at Ocean Grown Genetics, a newcomer in the European market, this Indica strain has been developed to include all the best properties known to the industry. The breeders started off with a Woodhorse parent. From each batch, the very best phenos were kept to continue refining Herijuana through a process of inbreeding each generation of cannabis seeds. Order today to add this marvel of genetic engineering to your cannabis seed collection!

    Known for its “Sea of Green” capabilities, this small hybrid matures early, offers strong medicinal properties with a high THC rating, and produces an enticing aroma. From top to bottom, the blooms are golfball-sized and rock hard. Although this hybrid is a definite Indica strain, it has a few of the most beneficial features from the Sativa category. Herijuana cannabis seeds mature at a fast rate with many side branches to support the massive blooming potential. Once you add Herijuana to your collection, your display turnover will be lightning fast. In fact, you may have a hard time keeping up with it. Why not order today to add this hardworking variety to your seed catalog?

    The Herijuana hybrid can add these characteristics to your collection of cannabis seeds:

    • Full range of Indica qualities
    • Medicinal properties
    • High THC rating
    • Resin-covered blooms
    • Woodhorse heritage
    • Scrog features – Screen of Green or Sea of Green
    • Rock-hard nuggets
    • Reliable yields
    • Consistent features
    • Good for indoor use

    If you haven’t heard of Ocean Grown Genetics, you’re in for a treat. This new seed bank has just started breeding new products, and this is your chance to get a jump on your fellow collectors with the next level of cannabis seeds. Because this responsible company’s logo includes the “Natures Cure” verbiage, you can expect advancements in this alternative treatment method with each new product release. If you’re interested in creating a display dedicated to this new breeder, start off with Herijuana and Alien Abduction seeds!

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    Ocean Grown Seed Bank They Go by Ocean Grown Breeders Collective has been around for years in the PNW. I'm buddys with one of them. There packaging is sick looking and there gear is insaine. Just to let u know that name was taken a long time ago. They had a site to and took it down for security about 4 yeears back. Still a small number of dispencery's in washington state that sell there gear,
    Homie - 25 September 2012 08:01:00

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