Merlot OG
Better than the finest wine, Merlot OG is a dense, frosty cannabis seed with deep-purple hues. Good enough to serve as OG Seeds’ signature strain, Merlot OG delivers an abundance of hand grenade sized nuggs with a 56 to 70 day finish.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Hand Grenade Sizes
  • Deep Purple Colours
  • Dense & Frosty
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Free shipping and seeds

Discover Merlot OG, Ocean Grown Genetics’ Signature Strain - Potent, Powerful & Purple!


Merlot OG is so good OG Seeds uses this single strain as a jumping off point for the vast majority of their other medicinal cannabis seeds. Wondering what’s so hot about this one? Order Merlot OG Seeds from the Rhino today & find out!

When exposed to cool temperatures, Merlot OG ripens to a rich deep-purple much like the fine wine it was named for. The colours might grab your attention, but Merlot’s intense power is what will keep you coming back for more!

  • OG Seeds Bases their Breeding Program on Merlot OG!
  • Cool Temps Reveal Deep-Purple hues
  • Copious Amounts of Hand Grenade Nuggs
  • Heavy Coating of Resin - Dense & Frosty!

These connoisseur-grade marijuana seeds are fairly branchy with a bushy structure that requires a bit of support to hold the mid-sized yield of golf-ball to hand-grenade sized nuggs. You’ll love this beauty!

Merlot OG Cannabis Seeds are best enjoyed inside, but give them plenty of space. Just when you think these vigorous cannabis seeds are done, they stretch out some more. Expect them to be about 60 cm entering the finish and 90 cm when they’re done.

10 seeds
Recommended Indoor
Flowering Time
8-9 weeks
Yield Notes
Height Notes
90 cm.
Flowering Time Notes
56 to 70 Days
Cannabis Genetics
Proprietary OG Seeds Blend

If you’re looking for one of the best strains out of Southern California, buy Merlot OG Cannabis Seeds from Rhino Seeds! Previously, this incredible hybrid was only available as a clone making it virtually impossible to collect if you didn’t live in the local region.

Now, thanks to OG Seeds and The Rhino, you can own this beauty in the form of a 5-star cannabis seed! Best of all, Rhino Seeds makes sure these potent beans are priced extra low so you can afford to get your fill. Buy Merlot OG today and enjoy them tomorrow!

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  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Hand Grenade Sizes
  • Deep Purple Colours
  • Dense & Frosty

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Merlot OG is a rich, full-bodied cannabis seed released under the OG Seeds brand. Ocean Grown Genetics, AKA OG Seeds, is a MMJ patient collective that is spreading the joys of clone-only So Cal strains to the world in seed form. Discover something entirely new with OG Seeds!