Sleeping Dog
Put an end to restless nights & endless yawns with Sleeping Dog, a potent therapeutic cannabis seed with devastating stones and rock-hard nuggs! Sleeping Dog is a soothing mix of Alien OG genetics & Merlot that plays the sweetest lullaby.
    Free shipping and seeds
    Free shipping and seeds

    Catch Plenty of Zzzz’s with Sleeping Dog – It’s 100X Better than the Strongest Nightcap!


    Brand new for 2012, Sleeping Dog targets night owls and insomniacs with a magical potion designed to guarantee sweet dreams and peaceful nights. You’ll get 40 winks & then some!

    OG Seeds’ Sleeping Dog is a full-bodied mix of Alien OG genetics and Merlot OG, two of this breeder’s most popular strains. With a heavy dose of Afghani Hash Plant in this recipe, it’s no wonder Sleeping Dog is devastatingly strong!

    • Sleeping Dog is Extremely Sedating
    • Compact, Rocky Nuggs
    • Potent Afghani Hash Influence
    • Lowest Prices & Fastest Delivery in the UK!

    It takes anywhere from 56 to 64 days for Sleeping Dog Seeds to finish. Over this time, these marijuana seeds reach a very manageable 70 cm with a moderate coating of rock-hard, crystal-covered nuggs. It’s awesome!

    If you think waking a Sleeping Dog is bad, try rousing a snoozing Rhino! We do NOT advise it! Especially after the Big Man’s been up for days haggling over prices with a stubborn breeder or designing our latest giveaway program. On those days, it’s best to just slip him a few Sleeping Dog Cannabis Seeds and let nature take its course!

    10 seeds
    Recommended Indoor
    Flowering Time
    8-9 weeks
    Yield Notes
    Low to Moderate
    Height Notes
    80 cm
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Cannabis Genetics
    Alien OG Series X Merlot OG
    Medical Notes

    If you’re sick of counting sheep until dawn, buy Sleeping Dog Cannabis Seeds and this pup’ll round ‘em up for you! Plus, you won’t lose any sleep worrying about whether you got the cheapest price on these weed seeds. At Rhino Seeds, we have the best deals in the UK on 5-star cannabis seeds.

    The Rhino spends hours upon hours making sure our prices are as low as possible, but even he can’t catch them all. In the unlikely event that you buy Sleeping Dog and find them for less somewhere else, let us know. We don’t just match prices, we smash them to bits!

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    Sleeping Dog is a relaxing cannabis seed sold under the OG Seeds brand. OG Seeds is a relatively new breeder, but they have a wealth of experience as active members of the MMJ community in Southern California. Thanks to this group, you can now enjoy legendary clone-only strains in seed form.