Witches Brew
Witches Brew is a spooky mix of Zenfandel & Merlot that lifts you up & lays you down at the exact same time! This vigorous hybrid relaxes the body & lifts the mood with a magical combination of top-shelf genetics.
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    Free shipping and seeds

    Witches Brew Relaxes the Body & Lifts the Mind With Extra-Potent Magic!


    Witches Brew is another powerful medicinal strain developed by Ocean Grown Genetics. If you’re looking for just the right mix of deep relaxation and intense mood enhancement, these cannabis seeds do it all!

    To create this potent hybrid, OG Seeds mixed Zenfandel OG with Merlot OG for incredible vigour, just the right amount of resin and a strong sour-pine aroma. Witches Brew Seeds are the perfect combination!

    • Witches Brew is a Magical Mix of Zenfandel OG & Merlot OG
    • Deep, Heavy Relaxation Combined with an Uplifting Effect
    • Intense Aromas – Sour Pine
    • One of the Most Colourful Strains in the OG Seeds’ Lineup

    Witches Brew is a vigorous marijuana seed that reaches the final stage extremely fast with lots of noding. Expect the finish to take between 56 to 70 days with a bit of stretch. Witches Brew Cannabis Seeds have an overall height that can reach up to 90 cm.

    If you’re in the mood for a little eye candy, OG Seeds’ Witches Brew can deliver! Here’s a hint – hit these therapeutic weed seeds with a little cool night air for a spectacular presentation.

    10 seeds
    Flowering Time
    8-12 weeks
    Yield Notes
    Height Notes
    90 cm
    Sativa / Indica Mix
    Flowering Time Notes
    56 to 70 Days
    Cannabis Genetics
    Zenfandel OG X Merlot OG
    Medical Notes
    Relaxing & Uplifting

    When you buy Witches Brew Cannabis Seeds from The Rhino, you’ll get an intensely medicinal strain and an incredibly good deal! At Rhino Seeds, we always go the extra mile to keep our prices as low as we possibly can.

    If the unthinkable happens and you find your new cannabis seeds at another site for less, let us know about it. As long as all things are equal (they have it in stock and they’re VAT registered), we’ll beat their price and give you a little bonus for pointing it out. Buy Witches Brew today and take our low-price challenge - if you dare!

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    Witches Brew is another lush medicinal strain released under the OG Seeds brand. Also known as Ocean Grown Genetics, OG Seeds is owned and operated by dedicated group of MMJ patients who are on a mission to give back to the community that has contributed so much to their overall quality of life. Who better to design and create potent medicinal cannabis seeds?