Looking for weed that’s rich, potent & totally sexy? Allkush is all that & then some! This cannabis seed is mostly Indica with deep, relaxing stones & the perfect amount of high – plus, Allkush makes you tingle in all the right places!
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Paradise Seeds Allkush is sexy, and we all know it! Powered by rich Indica genetics with just the right amount of Sativa, this decadent cannabis seeds offers long-lasting stones, a slight cerebral high and a warm rush in all the right places. Share Allkush Seeds with someone you love!

    Allkush has more than sex appeal. This hash master has won numerous awards including the 2005 Highlife Cannabis Cup and the 2010 Cannabis Cup Argentina. It looks like the Rhino isn’t the only cannabis freak who has a little love for Allkush.

    • 75% Indica/25% Sativa – Highly Physical with Perfect Highs
    • Very Hashy with Full Flavours & Wicked Resin Levels
    • 450 gr/m2 or 400 gr/seed in About 8 Weeks!
    • Stones, Highs & Sex Appeal – What More Could You Ask For?

    These marijuana seeds have a deep, rich fragrance that’s musky and sweet with a flavour to match. Allkush Cannabis Seeds will fill your life with beauty and grace as they take the edge off & plaster a big goofy smile on your face. This potent hybrid stays short & stout with very little stretch and a gigantic, super-sticky top cluster.

    Suddenly, it seems like the Rhino Seeds’ warehouse is filled to the brim with rich Kush strains just like Allkush! If this one doesn’t float your boat, check out one of the other award-winning varieties like Holy Grail Kush or Kosher Kush. Every single cannabis seed is available at an extra-low price with super-fast, totally discreet shipping.

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    When you buy premium cannabis seeds developed by Paradise Seeds, you always get the genuine article! This breeder has won more than 30 Cups since they opened their Amsterdam shop in the 1980s, and they continue to offer the exact same championship blends to their loyal customers. Using strict propagation methods and the tightest quality controls, Paradise Seeds guarantees you'll get exactly what you expect with each and every one of their stunning marijuana seeds. For true connoisseur quality, choose from their extensive live of regular, feminized and automatic beans.