Delahaze is an extremely powerful, high yielding Sativa with an unbelievable 9-week finish. The clear, euphoric highs aren’t the only thing that makes Delahaze a favourite cannabis seed – the pleasant mango/citrus/haze aromas are just as delightful.
  • Championship Haze Genetics
  • 15 to 18% THC
  • Up to 1000 gr/seed
  • Clear, Creeping, Euphoric
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    Delahaze is a Prize-Winning Sativa with Clear Euphoric Highs & Pleasing Aromas!

    Sativa fans choose Delahaze for this cannabis seed’s extreme power and enormous yields, but the smooth uplifting highs, tantalizing aromas and scrumptious flavours keep them coming back for more!

    Delahaze Feminized only takes about 9 weeks to finish, but you’ll be even happier if you give these marijuana seeds an extra week. In that time, Delahaze will flood every inch of your space with a classic Haze aroma that’s infused with notes of sweet citrus and tropical mango.

    • Delahaze Covers Her Branches with Clusters of Sticky Nuggs!
    • THC Ranges Between 15% & 18%
    • Indoor Yields Reach 500 gr/m2, but Outdoor Yields Surpass 1000 gr/seed
    • A Very Pleasant, 70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid

    According to the experts, Delahaze Seeds have a very pleasant flavour that matches its delicious bouquet. The dominant flavour is classic Haze, but you won’t have any problem picking out the citrus/mango influence. She’s tasty!

    Paradise Seeds’ Delahaze has a clear, creeping high that’s slightly physical and mostly uplifting and euphoric without a trace of panic, anxiety or paranoia. It’s no wonder this resinous wonder took a top prize at the Cannabis Champion’s Cup in 2009!

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? High : 15% +
    Flowering Time ? 9-12 weeks
    THC notes 15 to 18%
    Cup Winner ? Yes
    Flowering Outdoors Early November
    Indoor Yield 500 gr/m2
    Outdoor Yield 1000 gr/seed
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Delahaze is a prime example of why you should fill your collection with 5-star cannabis seeds designed by Paradise Seeds! Established in 1994 in the weed capital of the world (Amsterdam), Paradise Seeds has placed more than 30 major cups in their trophy case. That kind of success speaks for itself!