Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix

Sativas are known for cerebral power and the highest level of quality. With the Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix, you’ll discover three of the best strains in this high-powered family. The Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix features Nebula, Jacky White and Delahaze!
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The Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix lives up to its stellar reputation. This collection of Jacky White, Nebula and Delahaze is an economical package that includes everything that this set of genetics is known for!

Winner of Spain’s Cannabis Champion’s Cup, Delahaze is a superb Sativa with a devilish citrus/mango fragrance and 18% THC levels. Filled with power and fat, sticky nuggs, this is a real creeper. Delahaze is uplifting and euphoric rather than trippy.

Jacky White has it all! It’s high yielding, fast finishing, hardy, and tasty! Bursting with a refreshing grapefruity flavour and 18% THC, this Sativa-dominant hybrid offers a soft, pleasant effect without any speedy, anxious properties.

Nebula is a crystal-covered weed seed that sparkles just like a far off star! Winner of a variety of awards including the Cannabis Cup, this bedazzled strain is cerebral and trippy with a fruity flavour and fragrance. Nebula also reaches the 18% THC mark!

  • 3 Championship Strains – Real Winners!
  • 18% THC – Proven Power!
  • Uplifting & Cerebral – No Couchlock!
  • Exceptional Quality, Flavour and Aroma – Awesome!

Rhino Seeds only sells authentic Paradise Seeds Sativa Mix packs, but your new cannabis seeds won’t look like this description. Instead, you’ll receive dormant souvenirs for your collection. Remember, cultivation and germination is illegal in the UK.

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When you buy premium cannabis seeds developed by Paradise Seeds, you always get the genuine article! This breeder has won more than 30 Cups since they opened their Amsterdam shop in 1980s, and they continue to offer the exact same championship blends to their loyal customers. Using strict propagation methods and the tightest quality controls, Paradise Seeds guarantees you'll get exactly what you expect with each and every one of their stunning marijuana seeds. For true connoisseur quality, choose from their extensive live of regular, feminized and automatic beans.