Rox Feminized
Paradise Seeds named Rox Feminized after her rock-hard nuggs, but we like this name for another reason. Rox Feminized is feel-good party weed that’ll rock the joint all night long! This is definitely not daytime smoke!
  • Energetic & Fast
  • Mostly Indica
  • Fruity Aromas
  • Dense & Rocky
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Get Ready to Rock! Rox Feminized Gets the Party Started & Keeps it Rolling All Night Long!

If you’re looking for wake-and-bake cannabis seeds, you’re in the wrong place. Rox Feminized is reserved for all-night party freaks! This energizing smoke hits hard & fast for an instant feel-good high that lasts for hours.

Paradise Seeds Could have named Rox Feminized Seeds for their rock-n-roll attitude, but they didn't. This elite breeder named this incredible strain for its dense, hard nuggs that look & feel just like sticky green rocks.

  • Rox Feminized Pleases Your Body, Your Mind & Your Soul!
  • An Instant Hit with a Fast, Overwhelming Launch
  • Perfect for Cold or Wet Environments
  • Mid-Sized with Heavy, Dense, Rock-Hard Nuggs!

Paradise Seeds’ Rox Feminized is a solid strain with a well-deserved reputation for coming through like a champ in colder regions and resisting pesky mould. In fact, water pours off Rox Feminized Seeds as if they were, well, actual rocks!

These amazingly strong cannabis seeds smell good too! Just imagine a room filled with fresh, fruity aromas that hints of sweet strawberries and cool mint and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with Rox Feminized!

Flowering Time
8-12 weeks
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  • Energetic & Fast
  • Mostly Indica
  • Fruity Aromas
  • Dense & Rocky

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Rox Feminized is a stunning example of what you can expect from the Paradise Seeds brand. This top Dutch breeder has won more than 30 cups since they opened their smoky doors way back in 1994. To keep their 5-star status, Paradise Seeds runs a tight ship when it comes to propagation, testing and quality controls.