Afghan Express
Get ready for an intoxicating ride on the Afghan Express! Like a magic carpet from Arabian Nights, these plush autoflowering cannabis seeds are pleasant, relaxing and dreamlike. Afghan Express has 12% THC, 200-gr yields and a stupendous resin content.
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    Free shipping and seeds


    Like something straight out of Arabian Nights, Afghan Express has the power to transform your world into a lush, decadent oasis. This gigantic autoflowering cannabis seed can reach a full 2 meters outside with monster yields to match its impressive size. At 12% THC, this baby’s got plenty of power!

    You'll never forget this marijuana seed's sophisticated flavour! Afghan Express Automatic is delicious with that classic hashy taste you expect combined with notes of honey and leather to add a little complexity.

    • Afghan Express is a Bigger, Stronger Automatic
    • 100 to 200 gr/seed Yields Inside or Out
    • 70 to 79 Days from Seed – Astonishingly Fast
    • Afghan X Lowryder 2 Feminized

    Afghan Express is definitely on a fast track! It only takes 70 to 79 days for this intense cannabis seed to fully mature and pump out up to 200 gr/seed. The nuggs are big, dripping with crystals, and prime for resin extraction!

    Afghan Express Feminized has a very pleasant and relaxing effect that's never overrpowering. While it’s still too strong for wake-and-bake if you're non-tolerant, Afghan Express is a great choice for afternoons or evenings.

    1 Seed
    3 Seeds
    5 Seeds
    Flowering Time
    Thc Level
    Medium : 8 - 15%
    Height Notes
    Up to 2 Meters Outdoors - Shorter Inside
    Indica >50% Cannabis Seeds
    Strain Notes
    THC Notes
    Flowering Time Notes
    70 to 79 Days from Seed
    Cannabis Genetics
    Afghan X Lowryder 2
    Outdoor Yield
    100 to 200 gr/seed
    Indoor Yield
    100 to 200 gr/seed

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    Very nice! Made me change my mind about autos.
    Blunt Man - 24 July 2012 01:01:03
    Looking at it is almost enough! This stuff is gooood!
    Moe Green - 24 July 2012 01:01:39
    Brilliant! First time I tried an auto and this stuff was amazing. Great job.
    CiCi - 24 July 2012 01:02:36
    You have to get this one. It proves that an Auto can be really good.
    Bruiser - 24 July 2012 01:03:07
    This one makes it so easy to "collect". Nothing complicated about it!
    Weed Girl - 24 July 2012 01:03:57

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