Auto Northern Lights

The Ultimate Beginner Cannabis Seeds!

The easiest indoor strain just got easier! Auto Northern Lights turns the world's most desirable indoor strain into a fully automatic cannabis seed with incredible power. If you like the original, we guarantee you'll love Auto Northern Lights!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrids
  • 15% THC - 80 Days
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    Take a Giant Leap Into the Future with Auto Northern Lights!

    Auto Northern Lights has made the absolute easiest indoor strain even easier! If you've always thought collecting was too complicated, this is the cannabis seed that's hell bent on proving you wrong.

    With the addition of a superb Ruderalis, Auto Northern Lights Feminized is a fully autoflowering marijuana seed capable of going from bean to blaze in just 80 days with generous yields and up to a 15% THC rating. With this weed seed, you get it all - and lose nothing!

    • Auto Northern Lights is an Improved Classic!
    • 15% THC - Outstanding!
    • Yields Can Reach 150 Grams Outside
    • A Very Physical, Indica-Dominant Powerhouse

    Every Pyramid Seeds' Auto Northern Lights Seed is capable of reaching 50 grams inside and an amazing 150 grams outside, but you have to watch this AutoFem a little to make sure she behaves. Unchecked, this strain can reach a full 5 feet, an unheard-of height for the non-automatic version.

    If you prefer the original classic to Auto Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds, the Rhino sells traditional Northern Light, too! This impressive indoor strain has a little more power at 19% THC and a higher yield at 350 grams per seed.

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
    THC notes 10 to 15%
    Height notes 50 to 160 cm
    Yield Notes 30 to 150 grams
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    In addition to Auto Northern Lights, Pyramid Seeds offers an amazing line of delectable feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Every Pyramid Seeds' bean is a mini work of art with intense power, incredible yields, over-the-top flavours and surprisingly affordable prices. Do yourself a favour & fill your collection with genuine Pyramid Seeds!