Auto Shark

Fully Autoflowering Seeds with Bite!

Auto Shark is a Skunky autoflowering seed with a lush, dark-green colour & tons of snowy white resin. If you're looking for moderate smoke that's suitable for any occasion, Auto Shark is one of the easiest ways to get a ton of it!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • 70 Days from Seed
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    Auto Shark is a Fully Automated Version of Pyramid's Tiburon

    If you think Pyramid Seeds Tiburon is easy, you ain't seen nothing yet! This potent, beginner-friendly cannabis seed has been improved with a slight injection of Ruderalis to create Auto Shark, an autoflowering seed that needs practically no maintenance.

    Auto Shark Feminized has a bit of a bite, but it's no couchlocker. It hovers around the 8 to 12% THC mark making it a very sociable, mild smoke that's perfect for any occasion including wake-and-bake!

    • Auto Shark is 100% Autoflowering
    • Intense Skunky Aromas & Unique Flavour
    • 70 Days from Seed - 30 to 100 Gram Yields
    • Tiberon X Ruderalis - Easy Peasy!

    As an Indica-dominant marijuana seed, Auto Shark is mostly physical with very little cerebral effects. Even though the power is mid-range, the progressive high doesn't hit instantly. Take heed and never underestimate Auto Shark Seeds.

    If you'd rather have something that's just a touch stronger, this same strain is available in a non-autoflowering version. For 14% THC, 450-gram yields and a bit more Indica, check out Tiburon, Shark's more traditional mum!

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    Indoor ? Yes
    Outdoor ? Yes
    Thc Level ? Medium : 8 - 15%
    Cannabis Genetics Shark/Tiburon X Ruderalis
    Flowering Time ? Autoflowering
    THC notes 8 to 12%
    Height notes 60 to 110 cm
    Yield Notes 30 to 100 grams
    Greenhouse ? Yes
    Auto Shark is a beginner-friendly autoflowering cannabis seed created by the Pyramid Seed Company. Pyramid Seeds is an important player in today's cannabis seed trade with an ever-expanding collection of extremely stable feminized seeds and fully autoflowering hybrids. Take your collection to a higher level with authentic Pyramid Seeds - order yours today!