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Discover the power of the dark side with Nefertiti, a potent Black Widow/White Widow cross & Spannabis Cup Winner. Nefertiti is an intense Sativa-dominant hybrid with 20% THC & 400-gram yields.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Spannabis Cup Winner
  • 20% THC - Intense!
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    Discover the Dark, Dangerous Power of Exotic Nefertiti Cannabis Seeds

    For more raw power than most can handle, move over to the dark side with Nefertiti! This potent Sativa-dominant hybrid is a superior cross of Black Widow & White Widow, two of the world's most sought-after strains.

    Originally named Black Hemp, Nefertiti Feminized took first place as the best hydro strain at the 2007 Spannabis Cup. Although these cannabis seeds are mostly Sativa, they do best indoors with a very reasonable 70 to 75 day finish and a manageable 60 to 90 cm height.

    • Nefertiti Won the 2007 Spannabis Cup
    • Intense 20% Power Rating
    • 400-Gram Yields - 70 to 75 Day Finish
    • White Widow X Black Widow

    With a full 20% THC rating, Nefertiti Seeds are more powerful than 90% of the marijuana seeds being sold today. If you aren't THC tolerant, respect Nefertiti's mighty power or suffer the consequences!

    Pyramid Seeds Nefertiti Cannabis Seeds are fairly easy, especially for a Sativa, but this breeder offers practically the same features in an even simpler format. Before you make your final choice, check out Auto Nefertiti

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    Indoor ? Yes
    THC notes 20%
    Height notes 60/90 cm.
    Flowering Outdoors midivive of October.
    Yield Notes 400 gr
    Nefertiti is produced by Pyramid Seeds, a preferred source for top quality at low prices. Pyramid seeds is known for high-performance feminized and autoflowering strains with intense power, extreme flavour and unbelievable effects. Order you genuine Pyramid Seeds online today!