Pyramid Limited Edition
Every Pyramid seed is special, but some are easier to market than others. Rather than waste a top-notch feminized seed because of a minor flaw, this breeder offers these stunning cannabis seeds to you as Pyramid Limited Edition Seeds at extremely low pric
  • World-Class Genetics
  • High Quality/Low Prices
  • 100% Feminized
  • 100% Guaranteed
Free shipping and seeds
Free shipping and seeds

Pyramid Limited Edition is your chance to get the dank at less than dirt-weed prices. You won’t know what you have ‘til you collect it, but every cannabis seed is guaranteed to be amazing!

Pyramid Seeds put together the Limited Edition collection so that they could offer you an amazing deal on their unmarketable seeds. Even though the genetics are choice, these cannabis seeds have some minor flaw like stability or extremely small production numbers – things that don’t really matter to most collectors.

  • Pyramid Limited Edition Offers High Quality at Low Prices
  • Created Using World-Class Genetics
  • Love Them, Name Them & Call Them Your Own!
  • Backed by the Rhino 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Both the breeder and the Rhino guarantee that Pyramid Limited Edition cannabis seeds will knock your socks off! There’s absolutely no compromise in power, flavour or quality. Think of Pyramid Limited Edition as an unlabeled jar of caviar sold at a 90% discount. Inside, it’s all good!

If you ever wanted to name your own seed, this is your chance! Love your little Pyramid Limited Edition Seeds and make them your own. No one even has to know they’re not cause the Rhino never tells!

Cannabis Genetics

It’s a bit of a gamble to buy Pyramid Limited Edition Cannabis Seeds, but the price makes it too attractive to resist! Plus, the Rhino removes virtually all of the risk with a no-questions-asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Here are a few more ways we make everything better:

  • Every Seed is Priced as Low as Possible
  • Rhino Seeds’ Delivery Times Kick Ass!
  • The Absolute Best Selection of 5-Star Cannabis Seeds on this Planet or Any Other!

What are you waiting for? Buy Pyramid Limited Edition now!

Not sure what I got, but it was amazing! For this price, I'll take another gamble.
Tatum - 24 July 2012 23:47:25
Mine was a keeper! Great quality for the price.
Collin - 24 July 2012 23:48:46
It was kind of fun waiting to see how this one did. Kind of like opening a present at Christmas!
Nathan - 24 July 2012 23:49:26
Named mine Barracuda - this baby had teeth!
Ryan - 24 July 2012 23:50:07
Fun & cheap what more can you ask for?
Ashley - 24 July 2012 23:50:34

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  • World-Class Genetics
  • High Quality/Low Prices
  • 100% Feminized
  • 100% Guaranteed

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Pyramid Seeds goes the extra mile to create sophisticated feminized seeds with tantalizing fragrances, delectable flavours and intense power that are easy, affordable and productive for both professional and amateur collectors. In the Rhino's very biased opinion, it just doesn't get any better than that! Browse through the Pyramid Seeds catalog of brilliant feminized cannabis seeds to find a high-yielding connoisseur strain that's positively sinful!