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Sleestack X Skunk #1 thumbnail

Sleestack X Skunk #1

Seedsman does it again! This bulk pack of Sleestack X Skunk #1 is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen. For less than many standard-sized packs, you get 100 premium cannabis seeds. Sleestack X Skunk #1 is a hashy, Sativa-dominant hybrid with clear, cerebral highs.
Slyder thumbnail


This Indica plant produces dense, crystallized buds with a strong aroma. Originally developed from seeds obtained in Afghanistan, the strain was crossed with a potent Northern Light to make it possibl
Somango (Soma #5) thumbnail

Somango (Soma #5)

Somango Feminized is mangolicious with an unmatched intensity and an energizing, uplifting effect. A favourite with artists and musicians, Somango Feminized is thought-provoking and awe-inspiring!
Somativa thumbnail


If you’ve been locked to the couch for way too long, Somativa will set you free! This uplifting strain makes you want to get up and move whether that means playing a few tunes or kickin’ it at the club. An extremely social strain, Somativa is always the l
Sour Lemon OG thumbnail

Sour Lemon OG

Get Up & Moving with Sour Lemon OG!

Leave couchlock behind & get ready to party with Sour Lemon OG! These mood-lifters are extremely energizing - perfect for meeting new people, dancing until dawn or chasing Rhinos through the warehouse.

  • Unbelievable Flavours - Social & Energizing
  • Cali Sour X A Very Unique Lemon OG
South African Kwazulu thumbnail

South African Kwazulu

Kwazulu is a 100% sativa wild Cannabis cultivar coming from north of Drakenbergs range in South Africa. It has a short harvesting time filled with a sweet flavor and energic ‘effects’.
South Star® thumbnail

South Star®

The jewel of the Southern skies! This sativa/indica hybrid is the product of years of inbreeding down-under. Combining the strongest and most popular sativa of all, the Haze, and a fast flowering Indica male, this plant is what we all strive for in the se
Southern Lights thumbnail

Southern Lights

Brighten your day with a warm, expansive Southern Lights high! Sativa-dominant Southern Lights is a pleasant, uplifting mix of NYC Diesel & Sensi Star with fruity flavours, 550-gram yields, fast finis
Special K thumbnail

Special K

Sagarmatha Seeds Special K (Kali) was the first cross using Western Winds. With a high THC rating 18% and large girthy colas, she proved to be a favorite of many of our (Hazy) customers. Flowertops a
Spice thumbnail


A fast growing strain its parentage has blossomed out of the crossing of a Hawaiian indica x Hawaiian sativa and is a stable hybrid. Can be harvested between 7-9 weeks indoors. Outdoors in the nort
Sterling Haze thumbnail

Sterling Haze

Make your cannabis seed collection sparkle with Nirvana's Sterling Haze. This incredible F1 hybrid mixes classic Haze with legendary Northern Lights for an unbeatable combination. Sterling Haze is pri
Stonehedge thumbnail


Shed you inhibitions at the alter of Sagarmatha Seeds Stonehedge. A fitting tribute to a more savage time, Stonehenge Cannabis Seeds are filled with raw Sativa power and an overwhelming high that push
Strawberry D-Lite thumbnail

Strawberry D-Lite

Looking for pure pot perfection? Check out Strawberry D-Lite, the ultimate mix of scrumptious Strawberry Cough & legendary NYC Diesel! Strawberry D-Lite is guaranteed to fill the entire room with a lu
Stupersonic Auto thumbnail

Stupersonic Auto

Perfected in Sweden, Stupersonic Auto puts out a ton of tasty blaze even if the season is short or the weather is harsh. For a super-fast autoflowering seed with highs that’ll blow your mind, give Stu
Super Kush thumbnail

Super Kush

Northern Lights #5 x Kush. Large round buds on a short stocky growing plant. Great tasting buds with a thick smooth smoke. High calyx-to-leaf ratio.
Super Silver Haze thumbnail

Super Silver Haze

A champion of champions since winning its hat-trick at the 1997, 1998, and 1999 High Times Cannabis Cups and comprising the most commercial strains known to the uncivilized world: Skunk, NL and Haze.
Super Silver Haze thumbnail

Super Silver Haze

Put down that crazy energy drink and pick up a little Super Silver Haze Standard! This cannabis variety might be just the thing to turn you into a morning person or a serious student. Although the eff
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a successful attempt to beef up the famous Skunk #1. This strain is one of the first to match the potency of the powerful import hashish in coffeeshops. Still famous for its potent flav
Super Skunk thumbnail

Super Skunk

Check out this super-charged classic! White Label Super Skunk was developed way back in 1990, but this HTCC Champion has still got it. An oldie but a goodie, White Label Super Skunk keeps on blowing m
Super Thai x Skunk thumbnail

Super Thai x Skunk

This Sativa from Thailand has a surprising high. It’s a tall and slender plant with a nice herbal flavour. Well suited for outdoor cultivation because of it’s very early flowering. Known for its Pl
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