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Eclipse thumbnail


A new variety, mostly Indica with a sweet taste, our version of the bubble gum/ bubble berry famous by American clients. This is one for the young and the young at heart.
Ed Rosenthal Super Bud thumbnail

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud is Hybrid Perfection!

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud was expertly crafted through precise genetic engineering to bring out the absolute best Indica & Sativa features for a true masterpiece!

  • Arm-Sized Colas that Swell Outwards & Upwards - XXXXL
  • Gourmet Quality, Super-Cropper Quantity, 55-60 Days
El Nino thumbnail

El Nino

This was the first prize winner at the BIO HTCC in 1998. This is, as the name suggests, a stormy plant with some Brazillian pedigree as well as a mix of others. Great quality.
Eldorado thumbnail


No need for an epic quest for lost treasure when you can simply order Eldorado Cannabis Seeds. This rich Mexican Sativa is a top-quality strain with legendary highs & awesome yields. Best of all, you
Electric Haze thumbnail

Electric Haze

Northern Lights #5 x Haze. Large growing plants with big leaves and light green buds. Extremely sweet smell. Clean, cerebral buzz from the pure sativa.
Electric Lemon G thumbnail

Electric Lemon G


Electric Lemon G lives up to its name, literally. Thanks to the incredible vigour & power infused into Electric Lemon G by Teslaponics, TH Seeds’ new electrifying propagation method, this shocking cannabis seed took 2nd place at 2011 HTCC!

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Emerald Jack thumbnail

Emerald Jack

Emerald Jack Gives Original Jack a Sour Twist!

Prepare to go totally insane! Emerald Jack will drive you crazy with a completely unique mix of luscious fruit and tangy Sour flavours. We've never tasted anything like it!

  • Original Jack Herer X Emerald OG - Posh!
  • Full-Flavoured, Sativa-Dominant Seeds
Euforia thumbnail


Euforia Cannabis seeds are popular with commercial Cannabis growers for its high yielding characteristics. It has an early flowering season and Euforia is well suited for the indoor Cannabis gardener.
Exile thumbnail



Banish the schwag with top-rated Exile Cannabis Seeds! This potent mix of Warlock, Northern Lights & White Widow is a triple threat with incredible power & strong, seductive stones.

F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods) thumbnail

F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods)

FOG expresses amazing fruity flavors and beautiful purple colors under the right conditions. This strain is a combo of NL5 Haze and Skunk #1 and is probably mostly Sativa but still has many Indica el
F13 thumbnail


The quality of the finished product is absolutely remarkable and grants the user a clear, clean, and crisp mind of the kindest order and finishes between 7 and 9 weeks. F13 certainly is not for the c
FY9 thumbnail


Face Melt OG thumbnail

Face Melt OG

The Ability to Feel Your Face is Highly Overrated!

Face Melt OG is total fire! If you're looking for extreme OG flavour & smell combined with a narcotic level stone that'll make you forget you even have a head, this is the only cannabis seed for you.

  • Requires a 10-Week Finish
  • Stabilized with a Touch of Purple
Face Off OG BX2 thumbnail

Face Off OG BX2

Fatass AKA Bumgordo thumbnail

Fatass AKA Bumgordo

First Lady thumbnail

First Lady

First Lady is a Real Speed Demon - Only 45 Days!

Not many cannabis seeds can beat First Lady! She only needs a mere 45-50 days after the flip to deliver massive yields of A-1 smoke & extra-high, super-hashy resin.

  • 95% Indica Blend of the Best Hindu Kush Strains
  • Consistent Old-School Strain with Improved Power
FirstLady(White Widow) thumbnail

FirstLady(White Widow)

Winner of too many Cups to count, FirstLady AKA White Widow is one of the most sought-after strains of all times! The cannabis seed that single-handedly put Amsterdam on the map, First Lady AKA White Widow is the undisputed Queen of Cannabis!
Flashback thumbnail


Flash Back is the variety for inside, outside and greenhouse. This variety will grow under any circumstances and produce a nice bud. It is an early flowering Sativa/Indica hybrid.
Flow thumbnail


The original sativa Flo is crossed with a pure Indica, Matanuska Tundra, and so we arrrived at this dynamite F1 hybrid. This very unique Indica-Sativa F1 hybrid produces a larger, vigorous plant with

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