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Orisha XL

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Outdoor Mix

Outdoor Mix: Top-Rated Quality, Rock-Bottom Prices!

Get the best deal possible on 25 authentic Sensi Seeds with the Outdoor Mix Pack. Selected from Sensi's 5 best outdoor Indica strains, each one is better than the next.

  • Indica Dominant - Cold Hardy
  • A Random, Unmarked Selection
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Outdoor Mix

There is no better feeling than to successfully grow your own favourite plant outdoors under the natural elements. Some say the end result is a far better taste, others just like the simplicity of it, but whatever they say there's no doubt that growing p
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Outdoor Selection Pack

These four strains can be grown comfortably indoors or outdoors but we selected these four for the outdoor pack because of their high potency, speed of flowering, and mold resistance.
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Parental guidance is not suggested though a bit of munchies will help after you have experienced our new HP hybrid! We’ve taken the world famous HP-13 via Maui & NY and crossed it with our G-13 male.

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Pure Power Plant is a strong mostly sativa variety developed in the late 90's from South African strains. The tremendous growth potential of this plant is a prime example of hybrid vigor. PPP is the l
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The mythical Royal Kush clone from the Emerald Triangle really made a splash on the scene in 2008-2010. It's an incredibly potent combination of smells and flavors that range from the grape floral no

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Pakistan Chitral Kush

Known as a potent hash strain, Pakistan Chitral Kush will light you up! This blend of pure Indicas is a Cannabiogen favourite with high resin levels, fast cycles & huge yields. With the ability to ada
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Pakistan Valley

Coming from the mountainous region of Hindu Kush (north of Pakistan). After many years of breeding and selection comes this Indoor pure Indica strain Unmistakable by its robust and branched external l
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Panama Seeds

Panama is a sophisticated blend of 3 potent Panamanian strains with tantalizing hints of lemon, strawberry, vanilla and incense. With a single taste, Panama Seeds instantly turn back the clock to an e
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Passion #1


According to the growing experts at DP, this is an easy Cannabis strain for any and all to grow. With that, it also grows with long compact resinous buds, just what you wanted right?

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Peace Maker

In times of uncertainty and unrest Peacemaker is here to calm things down. Peace Maker from De Sjamaan is a wildly fruity strain backed with a collection of trophies. High Times Cannabis Cup 1997
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Peak 19

Peak 19 was the original western name for Mt. Everest. With similar magnitude and strength as the majestic mountain herself inspires, F1 hybrid Peak 19 will fulfill your cannabis desires. The potency
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Phatt Fruity Seeds


Phatt Fruity is an excellent blend of fine genetics. The origins of the parents stem from Afghanistan, North Indian and Mexico.

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Pie Face

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Pineapple Funk

Producing very large yields throughout its cycle, during week five of flowering, the plant seems to have lost all available space, and then by week eight it seems too much!! These Cannabis plants just keep swelling like balloons!

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