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Pineapple Punch thumbnail

Pineapple Punch

A specially selected Real Mc Coy crossed back to a Skunk#1 daddy, to offer the chance for wider genetic diversity for those who love the Hawaiian. A little more chunky and Skunky than the Real McCoy,
Pink Salad Auto thumbnail

Pink Salad Auto

Pink Salad Auto Won't Get Tossed!

Get your fill of the good stuff with Pink Salad Auto! This is a regular, non-feminized version of Secret Valley Seeds' highly sought-after Fruit Salad X PinkBud F3 hybrid. Very hard to find!

  • Rare Regular Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds
  • Dwarf Sized with 60 to 70 Day Cycles
Point of No Return thumbnail

Point of No Return

Point of No Return has a reputation that is a critical knock out Indica stone with extreme couch lock syndrome and full body relaxation. The flowers give off a pleasant peppermint smell that is a bit
Polar Bear LTD thumbnail

Polar Bear LTD

Polar Bear LTD is a selected Bear OG f1 cut from South Holland crossed with my White OG V2.0 male. This cross gives more of an overall Bear OG dominance resulting in longer top buds. This makes the
Polm Gold thumbnail

Polm Gold

Polynesian Thin Mints thumbnail

Polynesian Thin Mints

Poochie Love thumbnail

Poochie Love

Pot of Gold thumbnail

Pot of Gold

If this Pot of Gold was at the end of every rainbow, we’d be dancing in the rain waiting for the sun to come out during every single storm. Pot of Gold is an Indica-dominant mix of Hindu Kush & Skunk
Pot of Gold thumbnail

Pot of Gold

Pot Of Gold is a new variety offered by the Flying Dutchmen. The Real Mc.Coy and Pot of Gold were the only two strains selected out from over 500 experimental crossings. Along with The Real Mc.Coy,
Power Plant thumbnail

Power Plant

Power Plant (mostly Sativa) developed in 1997 by Dutch Passion from new South African genetics . This potent cannabis strain has been inbred only and never hybridized. Medium to High THC concentration
Power Plant thumbnail

Power Plant

Power Plant thumbnail

Power Plant

Power Plant was brought in Europe several years ago from South Africa. After being selected carefully for the indoor growing in Holland it has quickly became one of the queen of the cannabis, and now
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Puna Budder thumbnail

Puna Budder

Pure Afghan thumbnail

Pure Afghan

T This is the only DNA strain that is bred outside of Holland and are from a fresh seed stock. She is a short plant from the mountainous region resulting in her finishing early.
Pure Afghan thumbnail

Pure Afghan

The Pure Afghan Cannabis Seeds from DNA Genetics are an EXCLUSIVE landrace from the Mazari Sherif region of Afghanistan.
Purple #1 thumbnail

Purple #1

A strong plant (50% Indica, 50% Sativa), easy to grow. Purple Afghan seeds have been crossed in Holland with Indica and Sativa varieties since 1983. The plants are fully adapted to the Dutch climate a
Purple Bud thumbnail

Purple Bud

This strain is very similar to Skunk #1 in characteristics, genetics and growth patterns. It is easy to cultivate and finishes flowering in 9 weeks. Its optimum THC content is around 20%. Purpl
Purple Caper thumbnail

Purple Caper

The Undisputed King of Cali Weed Seeds!

Purple Caper has been a well-kept secret that few outside the Bay Area of Cali knew about until now. This killer offers 1.5+ lb yields plus a pedigree that's impossible to beat!

  • (Granddaddy Purp X Diesel) X (White Widow X Pure Indica)
  • Sweet Smell, Gigantic Green Flowers with Purple Splashes
Purple Haze X Thai thumbnail

Purple Haze X Thai


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