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Purple Pineberry thumbnail

Purple Pineberry

This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry was made with one of Secret Valley’s prized males is a competitively hardy plant that boasts a pine scent and fast flowering time.
Purple Power thumbnail

Purple Power

Purple Ryder Autoflowering thumbnail

Purple Ryder Autoflowering

The one and only purple auto flowering cannabis strain, bred from the trusted Joint doctor himself. Purple Ryder is a small dwarf purple automatic plant which produces large purple buds with a high re
Purple Tops thumbnail

Purple Tops

This very popular purple strain can be cultivated successfully outdoors in cold, wet climates. A unique plant with purple buds, sweet taste and a real Sativa high.
Purple Widow thumbnail

Purple Widow

Purple Wreck thumbnail

Purple Wreck

Urkel is one of California’s most sought after strain. It demands the highest price in any circle. It was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. This improved the vigor of the Urkel, a notorious slow grower. The Purple Wreck has large Train Wreck buds wi
Quad Jacks thumbnail

Quad Jacks

Vegas insiders know it’s damn hard to beat Quad Jacks! This Chem #4/Sour Jack cross is a high-yielding 80% Sativa with funky flavours & soaring head highs. Incredibly fast for this breed, Quad Jacks o
Race Fuel thumbnail

Race Fuel

Raspberry Cough thumbnail

Raspberry Cough

Raspberry Cough is a premium medicinal Sativa with crisp, clear highs that lift your mood & calm your nerves. It's a very unusual, highly therapeutic effect. Raspberry Cough tastes great and draws its
ReCon thumbnail


Want an incredible cannabis seed with yields so heavy they drag the ground? ReCon is that bean! DNA Genetics remixed two legendary strains to create super-charged ReCon, a potent hybrid that’s even be
Reclining Buddha thumbnail

Reclining Buddha

Soma Seeds Reclining Buddha is a 3-way hybrid that combines the genetics of Hollands Hope with Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean. Circulating in the Netherlands during the 1980s, Soma's Reclining Buddh
Red Cherry Berry Seeds thumbnail

Red Cherry Berry Seeds

Red Diesel Seeds thumbnail

Red Diesel Seeds

Red Dwarf Autoflower thumbnail

Red Dwarf Autoflower

An extremely economical choice, Red Dwarf Auto turns the tiniest spaces into high-efficiency THC factories! A rare standard autoflowering seed, Red Dwarf Auto gives you an amazing amount of Skunky smoke for just a little cash.
Red Grapefruit thumbnail

Red Grapefruit

With an intense pop of flavour and sugar-coated trichomes, Red Grapefruit is citrus perfection! Expect extra-high yields paired with over-the-top THC in as little as seven weeks when you move up to Red Grapefruit!
Red Horse thumbnail

Red Horse

Rishi Kush thumbnail

Rishi Kush

Looking for a great daily smoke? Rishi Kush offers plenty of power, but the pleasant highs soothe the body and calm the mind without clouding your thoughts. Great for laid-back afternoons or winding d
Rock Bud (Soma + -) thumbnail

Rock Bud (Soma + -)

Out of Soma’s wide selection of out-of-this-world cannabis seeds, Rock Bud is their A-1 best medicinal strain! Once known as Soma A+, Rock Bud will knock your socks off and cure what ails you!
Rocklock thumbnail


Don’t settle for wimpy weed! Go hardcore with Rocklock! This couchlocking Indica is a powerful medicinal strain that drips THC like rhinestones on a rockstar.
Rocksters Cheese thumbnail

Rocksters Cheese

If you’re still learning the ropes, Rocksters Cheese from Kaliman Seeds is a perfect choice. This Sativa/Indica hybrid is an early bloomer, only requires light maintenance, and is a heavy-duty produce

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