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Super Thai x Skunk thumbnail

Super Thai x Skunk

This Sativa from Thailand has a surprising high. It’s a tall and slender plant with a nice herbal flavour. Well suited for outdoor cultivation because of it’s very early flowering. Known for its Pl
Superglue thumbnail


This is a strain for cash crop growers desiring both yield and quality and that don’t mind investing in new manicuring scissors frequently. The aromas weave between pine and caramel, but this strain does not smell too strong during the budding cycle.
Swazi thumbnail


Swazi, an original pure African Sativa strain, a tall plant with a sweet sativa taste. Swazi has long sticky buds and produces an active high. This plant has long buds with large crystals of resin and
Swazi Red thumbnail

Swazi Red

Swazi is a HIGH yielding and resinous pure African Landrace Sativa that produces a strong natural high. The strain has a long odor that has been compared to a fine cigar and an "earthy" smoke with a high that is energetic and clear.
Swazi Redbeard thumbnail

Swazi Redbeard

Swazi Safari thumbnail

Swazi Safari

Be careful this is a real African bush adventure! Developed in South-Africa , Holland this is an F-1 hybrid. Sativa/Indica: A very special cross mostly sativa but please be careful, this is a real Af
Swazi Skunk Seeds thumbnail

Swazi Skunk Seeds

Originating from Swaziland (South Africa), Swazi is a high yielding and resinous pure sativa, which gives a strong natural effect. The cross with Skunk No. 1 sped up the flowering cycle and increased flower and leaflet size and potency. Swazi Skunk has a
Swazi x Skunk thumbnail

Swazi x Skunk

Sweet Durban thumbnail

Sweet Durban

Sweet Haze thumbnail

Sweet Haze

Sweet Purple thumbnail

Sweet Purple

A very strong rather tall plant with hues of purple and pink that taste like strawberries. She grows well indoors and is also perfectly adapted for outdoor growing in colder regions such as Holland or
Sweet Timer thumbnail

Sweet Timer

Sweet Tooth is known for a pink grapefruit flavor and short flowering times. Old Timer is a very resinous, easy to grow strain. Combined, they make this cross an excellent strain for beginners to grow. This strain produces heavy yields every time. She gro
Sweet White Malawi thumbnail

Sweet White Malawi

Sweet White Malawi is a strong Sativa/Indica strain based on Afropips especially psychoactive Malaki line (Malawi x White Russian). It has also been combined and sweetened with Sweet Tooth 3.
Swiss Bliss thumbnail

Swiss Bliss

A wonderful mostly Sativa variety, abundant in growth, that flavoures a mix of tropical fruits. The branching pattern makes her ideal for pruning. This means you can put less plants per square meter
Swiss Miss thumbnail

Swiss Miss

THC Bomb thumbnail

THC Bomb

What more do you need to know? THC Bomb lights you up with amazing power, smashing yields, proven vigour and a to-die-for flavour! If you never settle for anything less than the absolute best, THC Bom
Taskenti thumbnail


Taskenti is an extremely resinous Indica from exotic Uzbekistan with delightful lemon & mint flavours. We’ve seen a ton of cannabis seeds, but Taskenti is simply astounding. It delivers high yields, o
Tasman Haze thumbnail

Tasman Haze

On 13th December 1642, Abel Tasman, that famous Dutch explorer was the first european to discover the islands of New-Zealand. He saw a beautiful land, lush and green with forests, with crystal clear rivers and lakes and a climate very good for growing.
Taste Bud thumbnail

Taste Bud

These seeds will grow small busy plants that can produce THE fattest buds you may have ever seen. Reported yields of over a gram per wattage for experience cultivators are not uncommon for Taste Bud, making this probably the best OG Kush hybrid today.
Thai Widow thumbnail

Thai Widow

When you combine White Widow and Super Thai you get long sticky buds in a tall graceful cannabis plant. Marijuana which is instant and powerful. A cannabis variety with an en extraordinary high. Thai

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