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Romulan Diesel thumbnail

Romulan Diesel

The sour smell that the Diesel is famous for blends great with the Romulan. Very strong cerebral high, with great resin content and a long lasting buzz.
Rox thumbnail


Rox is the perfect party weed with tons of rock-solid nuggs and feel-good highs. Much too energizing for daytime smoke, Rox keeps the good times rolling from dusk ‘til dawn! Rox is extremely tolerant to cold or wet weather making it perfect for the north.
Royal Flush thumbnail

Royal Flush

Every hand's a winner when you're dealing with Royal Flush! This impressive Sativa is a potent mix of Nirvana's own Jock Horror & Eldorado strains with uplifting highs & lush, sweet & sour flavours. R
Royal Purple Kush thumbnail

Royal Purple Kush

Royal Purple Kush is the Castle Cola Queen!

These monsters are truly massive & extremely strong. Energetic & peaceful at the same time, Royal Purple Kush is the perfect combination of sweet Black Afghani & delicious Bubba Kush.

  • 85% Indica: 15% Sativa with Well-Balanced Effects
  • Stronger than the Average Purple - High THC
Royal Thai thumbnail

Royal Thai

RudeBoi OG thumbnail

RudeBoi OG

Ruderalis Indica thumbnail

Ruderalis Indica

Ruderalis Indica is Ready in 50 Days from Seed!

When you have to have it yesterday, rely on Sensi Seeds' Ruderalis Indica. This amazing cannabis seed has been proven over & over again to be simple, reliable & very fast.

  • 40-50 Day Cycles - 90% Indica
  • Very Medicinal, Mid-Range THC, High CBD
Ruderalis Skunk thumbnail

Ruderalis Skunk

Ruderalis Skunk: Putting Skunk #1 in the Fast Lane!

Ruderalis Skunk adds tremendous speed to Skunk #1 without sacrificing this legend's extreme power, high yields or top-rated vigour. She's great for cold or unpredictable climates.

  • Large Yields in 45 to 60 Days
  • 70% Indica with Skunk #1's Pungent Power
Russian Rocket Fuel thumbnail

Russian Rocket Fuel

A potent mix of NYC Diesel and a righteous Indica, Russian Rocket Fuel is raw power packed into a stealthy little package. With a valuable automatic feature, Russian Rocket Fuel is already counting do
SAGE thumbnail



Nothing takes you higher than TH’s signature SAGE! This Sativa-dominant hybrid is crystal clear with gargantuan nuggs, 20% THC and very low CBD.

SSSDH x Jack thumbnail

SSSDH x Jack

SSSDH x Jack The mom is the SSSDH ojd cut and the dad is my Jack Herrer #22 proven male. These are very impressive yielders that true haze lovers will enjoy. Some of these sour and hazy phenos may
Sadhu thumbnail


Safari Mix thumbnail

Safari Mix

The Mandala Seeds Safari Mix is a blend of experimental hybrid Cannabis seeds that stem from various experimental crosses of mainly White Satin and Kalichakra with numerous other parents. This pack c
Sage n Sour thumbnail

Sage n Sour

TH Seeds would never marry their baby to just any old seed – but Sour Diesel is no ordinary weed seed! A partnership made in pot heaven, Sage ‘n Sour is pure bliss. The flavours are decadent, the powe
Santa Marta thumbnail

Santa Marta

Sativa Seeds Blackberry thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Blackberry

Sativa Seeds Blackjack thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Blackjack

Sativa Seeds Eldorado thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Eldorado

Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui

Add a taste of the islands to your collection with Sativa Seeds Hawaii Maui Waui! A powerful example of Sativa-dominant genetics, this tropical beauty is a legendary, old-school strain that retains al
Sativa Seeds Haze 13 thumbnail

Sativa Seeds Haze 13

A way-cool Sativa, Haze 13 is intense! Very cerebral with an unbelievable rush, Sativa Seeds Haze 13 can reach 24% THC for soaring power.

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